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1937 - 2020
'A Tribute to
Mr Ivan Pedropillai
Late Patron/Former Chairman'

Tamil Heritage

Vision of Hope

The question remains as to whether Tamils will be brave and prepared to move on from the past violent years of suffering >> More

..... Ancient Indus Civilisation

Early Port Cities in the Malay Peninsula
The ethnic Tamil people of the southernmost region of India played the active part to transfer their religious and cultural traits from their homeland to Southeast Asia. >> More

Call for Submissions
OHCHR Investigation on
Sri Lanka

Individuals, organisations and governments are invited to submit information
Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter
The creation of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam remains the only viable option to lead a life with security, dignity and equality, both individually and collectively.

"There are legitimate issues raised by the Tamil community and they have a legitimate desire to control their own lives, to rule their own destinies, and to govern themselves in their homeland.''

U.S. Assistant Secretary of
State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher

Have No Fear !

Those who would deny the Tamils their rights use the language of terrorism to demonise and discredit our legitimate grievances

Sri Lanka
"Indeed, it is an enduring scandal that there have been virtually no convictions of government officials for killing Tamils, and many Tamils doubt that the rule of law will protect their lives."

United Nations

Tamil Declaration for Self Determination
Vaddukoddai Resolution-1976

Tamil Eelam
Demand in International Law

The UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (G.A Resolution 2200 of 1966) in Article 1 states: "All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

1918 - 2005
'Dedication to
CJT Thamotheram
Late Patron'

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Sri Lanka: Abuses Undercut Proposed 'Truth Commission'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 20 Sep 2023 00:02 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government’s ongoing abuses are undermining the purported goals of its newly proposed truth and reconciliation commission, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu: State Government in dock; LTTE Chief V Prabhakaran's daughter and husband left for Sri Lanka
[ Organiser ] [ 19 Sep 2023 00:04 GMT ]

In Tamil Nadu, there have been voices for separate State demand. [Full Story]

'If We Raise Our Voice They Arrest Us'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 Sep 2023 12:40 GMT ]

Countless thousands of Sri Lankans await justice and accountability for serious human rights violations and war crimes committed during decades of civil unrest and armed conflict. [Full Story]

Remembrance of a Leader Who Died of Hunger Strike for Tamil Rights Attacked
[ Lanka News ] [ 17 Sep 2023 22:52 GMT ]

The Tamil leader who died after hunger strike is one Thileepan, who was a Medical Student at the Jaffna University, when he took the hunger strike for Tamil rights.' [Full Story]

UN Human Rights Chief puts out scathing report on Sri Lanka
[ BTF ] [ 16 Sep 2023 00:02 GMT ]

We urge that these calls strengthen the resolve of Member States that that domestic accountability in Sri Lanka is not possible and a strong international process is essential. [Full Story]

UN body says Lanka fails to address political & democratic reforms
[ Kashmir Images Newspaper ] [ 15 Sep 2023 15:51 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has failed to address the long-standing challenges of political and democratic reforms, the UN human rights body has said. [Full Story]

India at HRC reiterates calls for implementation of 13A
[ Daily FT ] [ 14 Sep 2023 10:30 GMT ]

Progress on the commitments is inadequate and we urge the Government to work meaningfully towards early implementation of its commitments to ensure fundamental and human rights of citizens are fully protected,' he said. [Full Story]

The Role of International Actors in Mitigating Mass Killings: The Case of Sri Lanka, 1980-2009
[ Academia ] [ 13 Sep 2023 19:15 GMT ]

The country’s historically discriminatory institutions created opportunities for extremist, identity-based politics, driven to violent fever pitch at several moments during the war. [Full Story]

Tamil Union, the cradle of Sri Lankan cricket, now a shadow of a glorious past
[ The Indian Express ] [ 12 Sep 2023 11:55 GMT ]

A venue once graced by Bradman which witnessed SL's first Test win, it now resembles an old man reminiscing the past. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka - Release International Report
[ Release International ] [ 11 Sep 2023 10:40 GMT ]

One on-going project provides scholarship support for children from persecuted and marginalised families, providing spiritual support as well as helping the children with their education. [Full Story]

LTTE chief's 'daughter', hubby hoodwink TN cops, flee to Lanka
[ DT Next ] [ 10 Sep 2023 19:05 GMT ]

TN officials have now learnt that a couple has escaped from Mandapam camp to Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Inside the territory of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers | From the archives |
[ SBS Dateline ] [ 09 Sep 2023 23:00 GMT ]

For this 2002 documentary, Dateline's Ginny Stein was granted a rare access to the Tiger-controlled territory at the time when the Sri Lankan government and the Tigers signed a ceasefire agreement, and the hopes for peace were high. [Full Story]

'Donald Trump's clown show of US politics has left the world in utter disbelief'
[ Mirror UK ] [ 25 Aug 2023 18:00 GMT ]

Democracy should take solace in that, at long last, the man who considered himself above the law is being held to account. [Full Story]

India makes historic landing near Moon's south pole
[ BBC ] [ 24 Aug 2023 00:05 GMT ]

India has made history as its Moon mission becomes the first to land in the lunar south pole region. [Full Story]

A symbolic march to retrace history and assert rights
[ The Hindu ] [ 23 Aug 2023 23:11 GMT ]

Members of Sri Lanka’s Malaiyaha Tamil community travelled over 250 km by foot over a fortnight to mark 200 years since their south Indian ancestors’ arrival in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

India pushes, Sri Lanka resists
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 22 Aug 2023 23:05 GMT ]

The Tamil diaspora and the refugees living in the refugee camps of India are looking forward to a comprehensive package that accepts their demand for an international inquiry, the setting up of a Peace and Reconciliation Commission on the lines of of South Africa. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka can't move on from civil war history. Sinhala elite insecure about sharing power
[ The Print ] [ 21 Aug 2023 01:45 GMT ]

A complete lack of trust between the Sinhala elite and Tamil minority is apparent across Sri Lanka, which seems unable to even begin laying some of its ghosts to rest. [Full Story]

Stalin calls for retrieving Katchatheevu
[ The Hindu ] [ 20 Aug 2023 00:40 GMT ]

Retrieving the Katchatheevu islet from Sri Lanka alone, would put a permanent end to the problems of fishermen in Tamil Nadu, said Chief Minister M. K. Stalin. [Full Story]

'Brotherless Night': A powerful novel about waiting and resisting during Sri Lanka's civil war
[ Scroll.in ] [ 19 Aug 2023 16:16 GMT ]

The suppression of minority rights and the consequent rise of separatism has been an unfortunate part of the history of South Asia, as has the often-disastrous nature of international intervention. [Full Story]

Calls for Tamil Genocide Resolution in the Indian Parliament Based on Hon. Amit Shah's Recent Statement
[ PressWire ] [ 18 Aug 2023 09:59 GMT ]

Despite these repeated and multinational acknowledgements that Sri Lanka perpetrated genocide against the Tamil People, Sri Lanka has not been brought to justice. [Full Story]

Washington manoeuvring to install federalism in Sri Lanka
[ LW ] [ 17 Aug 2023 11:35 GMT ]

Tamil demands probably would be satisfied by a federal structure that would guarantee Tamils control over security and economic development where they comprise the majority of the population. [Full Story]

The Sinhalese and the Legacy of Sri Lanka's Black July Pogroms
[ Jurist.org ] [ 16 Aug 2023 23:55 GMT ]

It is in the interest of the Sinhala state to solve this problem, which is the root cause of the economic maladies that affect the island. [Full Story]

India's First Drone Common Testing Centre To Be Established In Tamil Nadu
[ Current Affairs ] [ 15 Aug 2023 22:57 GMT ]

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Common Testing Centre is poised to elevate Tamil Nadu into a coveted destination for Aerospace and Defence companies seeking to establish their Indian operations. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan president bids to woo Tamil community
[ UCA News ] [ 14 Aug 2023 23:00 GMT ]

Due to the civil war, all development work in Tamil areas came to a standstill. [Full Story]

Tamil temptations
[ Midland Express ] [ 13 Aug 2023 22:02 GMT ]

Niro, a Sri Lankan Tamil who had himself sought asylum in Australia to escape violence and persecution in his home country, now runs a successful catering business. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Statement in solidarity with human rights defenders and community leaders from the Malaiyaha community
[ Amnesty International ] [ 12 Aug 2023 07:15 GMT ]

On day 7 of the walk, we express our support and solidarity with community leaders and human rights defenders who continue to demand dignity and rights and redress despite inade quate response from State authorities. [Full Story]

Nation cast out of paradise reemerges
[ New Age ] [ 11 Aug 2023 22:30 GMT ]

The broader truth commission needs to include the trail of death from Talaimannar to Matale, and the need for accountability, reparations and institutional reforms to rectify the wrongs of the past, including the colonial period. [Full Story]

Difficult Empathies
[ Public Books ] [ 10 Aug 2023 20:48 GMT ]

A Passage North testifies to Arudpragasam's unfailing empathy. But reading Madhuri Vijay's The Far Field instead reveals this author’s jarring lapses in empathy. [Full Story]

In Sri Lanka, Chaotic Social Security Reform Denies People's Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 09 Aug 2023 01:03 GMT ]

Governments should establish universal systems not tied to economic status that provide income support to everyone at critical moments throughout their lives. [Full Story]

Justifying The Right of Tamils to Self-Rule
[ Counter Current ] [ 08 Aug 2023 19:01 GMT ]

The Kingdom of Jaffna had included a vast region. [Full Story]

'Power sharing must be in a federal structure, consistent with aspirations of the Tamil people'
[ Daily FT ] [ 07 Aug 2023 00:15 GMT ]

The Tamil People have, since 1956, consistently given the Tamil political parties a mandate to work towards a political solution to the Tamil National Question by means of a federal arrangement in the North-East. [Full Story]

Diplomats meet with Families of the Disappeared
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 06 Aug 2023 08:30 GMT ]

Tamil Families of the Disappeared have protested for over 2,300 days demanding an account for their missing loved ones and for the international community to pursue an international mechanism. [Full Story]

Why are Tamil expatriates from Sri Lanka struggling for survival deep in the Gavi forest of Kerala?
[ South First ] [ 05 Aug 2023 23:08 GMT ]

The Tamil repatriates said they could not purchases land with the meagre amount even in the remote corners of Kerala. [Full Story]

New India-Sri Lankan economic partnership can help address sensitivities
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 04 Aug 2023 19:22 GMT ]

The implementation of the new 'India-Sri Lanka economic partnership for maritime, energy and financial connectivity' can be a key step towards addressing the sensitivities of both countries and forging stronger relations. [Full Story]

Tamils Urge the Prime Minister of Canada to Initiate Referendum Talks with the US and EU
[ Tamil Diaspor News ] [ 03 Aug 2023 13:45 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has been under intense scrutiny for the past several years from the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the subject of numerous official resolutions calling for justice and accountability. [Full Story]

Ranil to press ahead with 13A; Expected to address Parliament next week
[ News First ] [ 02 Aug 2023 09:10 GMT ]

The 13th Amendment (13A) was brought in after the India-Sri Lanka agreement of 1987. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President plans to implement 13th Amendment: How is it significant for India?
[ India TV News ] [ 01 Aug 2023 07:00 GMT ]

PM Modi had reiterated India's wish to see the full implementation of the 13A. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Black July After Four Decades
[ SL Guardian ] [ 31 July 2023 00:05 GMT ]

History will judge, if it has not already done so, President J.R. Jayewardene, elected six years earlier with an unprecedented mandate, for this colossal failure. [Full Story]

Sudha Murty: Why her comment over spoons divided Indians
[ BBC ] [ 30 July 2023 20:15 GMT ]

'Just as I made my husband a businessman', her daughter Akshata Murty had 'made her husband [Mr Sunak] a prime minister'. [Full Story]

Little known facets of Sri Lankan history: A Chola princess, and the old name for Jaffna
[ The Island ] [ 29 July 2023 23:58 GMT ]

In the text of their papers they have both noted the old name for Jaffna Peninsula and the city of Jaffna as being Kalingadesa or Kalingarata, and Singainagar or Simhapura, respectively. [Full Story]

French President Macron Visits His Counterpart in Sri Lanka
[ Voice of America ] [ 28 July 2023 23:50 GMT ]

French President Emmanuel Macron held discussions with his Sri Lankan counterpart Saturday on an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region in the first-ever visit by a French leader to the Indian Ocean island nation. [Full Story]

40 Years Later: Recounting 'Black July' Through My Family's Eyes
[ SL Guardian ] [ 27 July 2023 22:39 GMT ]

As a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist, Black July did have an effect on me in both personal and professional capacities. [Full Story]

For Sri Lankan Tamils, the Black July pogroms live on, 40 years later
[ Al Jazeera ] [ 26 July 2023 23:30 GMT ]

The ethno-nationalist political underpinnings of Black July still characterise the Sri Lankan state today. [Full Story]

Forty years since Black July: Seven novels about the traumatic legacy of the Sri Lankan civil war
[ Scroll.in ] [ 25 July 2023 21:44 GMT ]

Black July marked the beginning of a 25 year-long civil war that would result in a devastating death toll and displace 800,000 Sri Lankans. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Civil War trigger: 'Black July' That Escalated Tamil Rebellion To Civil War 40 Yrs Ago
[ India Today ] [ 24 July 2023 22:47 GMT ]

Known in Sri Lanka as 'Black July', the brutal violence triggered a 26-year conflict that killed about 1 lakh people and set development back by decades. [Full Story]

Sri Lankans mark 40th anniversary of 'Black July' massacre
[ UCANews ] [ 23 July 2023 18:32 GMT ]

A Catholic priest from the Colombo archdiocese said no politicians, rulers, gangs, or civilians have been held accountable for the violence against Tamils and the heinous crimes. [Full Story]

Truth & reconciliation commission could help Sri Lanka stave off foreign intervention:
[ Economy Next ] [ 22 July 2023 21:28 GMT ]

The United Nations' Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has for years been passing resolutions against Sri Lanka on its human rights record, with various Western governments and other actors putting pressure on the island nation to investigate the allegations. [Full Story]

Promoting Connectivity, Catalysing Prosperity: India-Sri Lanka Economic Partnership Vision
[ Ministry of External Affairs - Govt of India ] [ 21 July 2023 17:05 GMT ]

The leaders underlined the cardinal importance of promoting and strengthening connectivity in all its dimensions as the key enabler. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Impunity Continues in the Country Amidst Multiple Crises
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 15 July 2023 09:25 GMT ]

We urge the Sri Lankan government to recognize that rights-respecting laws and their implementation is essential to address Sri Lanka’s multiple crises. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Foregoing meals to make-do: The Impact of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis on maternal nutrition
[ Amnesty International ] [ 14 July 2023 13:50 GMT ]

Ensure that Sri Lanka's human rights obligations and the fiscal space necessary for human rights-related spending are key factors in future negotiations on Sri Lanka’s debt, including while evaluating possible debt relief and changes to the terms of repayment. [Full Report PDF]

A Year After Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Remains in Crisis
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 13 July 2023 12:11 GMT ]

President Wickremesinghe should recognize that upholding rights and pursuing accountability for grave crimes is essential to addressing the country’s problems. [Full Story]

Sea Cucumber Crime Is a Thing, and This Is Where It’s Happening
[ Atlas Obscura ] [ 12 July 2023 22:01 GMT ]

A 'seafood mafia' is plying the waters between India and Sri Lanka to satisfy China's appetite for an increasingly rare delicacy. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: HRC53 Oral Statement: Item 6: Consideration of UPR reports
[ Amnesty International ] [ 11 July 2023 18:08 GMT ]

It's widely accepted that Sri Lanka's economic model needs a fundamental overhaul. [Full Story PDF]

Can Sri Lanka trade its way back to prosperity?
[ BBC ] [ 15 June 2023 12:28 GMT ]

It's widely accepted that Sri Lanka's economic model needs a fundamental overhaul. [Full Story]

Ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Another missed opportunity
[ ORF ] [ 11 June 2023 09:55 GMT ]

Since many promises have once again not been fulfilled, the Tamil community is convinced that the establishment lacks the political will to resolve this issue or that the President’s efforts are motivated by political and economic reasons. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Tamil Victims Call for Resignation of the Head of the International Monetary Fund
[ TDN ] [ 10 June 2023 10:01 GMT ]

The harsh reality is that the IMF is helping Sri Lanka to destroy the independence of the Tamils and to erase the presence of the Tamils from their own land. [Full Story]

Instead of deepening past divisions, strengthen present bonds, says Lanka-born Canadian writer
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 09 June 2023 01:30 GMT ]

How I survived the war and found peace - released recently about his journey of fleeing war-torn Sri Lanka in 1988 at the age of 18 years after being released from the Boosa Prison. [Full Story]

For priz-winning poet and novelist Michael Ondaatje, every book is an act of discovery
[ CBC ] [ 08 June 12:42 GMT ]

Ondaatje recently received the Grand Prix, for lifetime achievement, from Montreal's Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka police arrest Tamil legislator Ponnambalam
[ The Hindu ] [ 07 June 2023 00:05 GMT ]

'If this is how a member of Parliament is treated, then everyone can imagine how the general Tamil population in the north-east are treated… [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Barometer Survey Reveals What People Think About Freedom of Expression and Religion
[ GV ] [ 06 June 20:50 GMT ]

Violations of the right to freedom of expression have primarily stemmed from the enforcement of two laws, the ICCPR Act and the Prevention of Terrorism Act, which have been used together to victimise individuals, especially those belonging to minority communities. [Full Story]

Amnesty International writes to the Minister of Justice with concerns around the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act
[ Amnesty International ] [ 05 June 2023 19:49 GMT ]

'Amnesty International finds the latest Anti-Terrorism bill very worrying. The draft law infringes on many human rights, including the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, association, liberty and security. [Full Story]

Still No Justice on Sri Lanka War Anniversary
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 May 2023 00:01 GMT ]

The government’s unwillingness to prosecute civil war-era crimes has forced victims and their families to seek justice elsewhere. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe To Make Fresh Clarion Call For All-Party National Government
[ Outlook India ] [ 18 April 2023 00:33 GMT ]

'He will make an open invitation to all political parties to join the national government when the Parliament meets on April 25 to debate on the IMF bailout programme,' Mano Ganesan, the leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance, told the media. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's proposed anti-terrorism law aims to curb civil protests
[ Global Voices ] [ 17 April 2023 19:33 GMT ]

The law grants law enforcement agencies the unchecked power to detain individuals without warrants and provides sweeping powers to the President, police, and military. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Cultural Genocide Against Tamils Escalated After The IMF Bailout
[ Federation of Global Tamil Organizations ] [ 16 April 2023 23:55 GMT ]

Through its genocide against Tamils, Sri Lanka shows that it will continue the political instability that created its financial difficulties. [Full Story]

Happy Puthandu 2023: Best Tamil New Year Quotes with Images, Wishes and Messages to Share on Puthuvarudam
[ Times Now News ] [ 15 April 2023 00:05 GMT ]

Puthandu is the Tamil New Year celebration and it is majorly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai. [Full Story]

'A time to enjoy': Cambodian, Thailand, Lao and Tamil New Year celebrations begin in United States
[ Khmer Times ] [ 14 April 2023 23:10 GMT ]

'We celebrate the new year with a rich cultural heritage and tradition of Tamil people and it serves as a reminder of the importance of unity, harmony and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our life,' [Full Story]

Soppana Sundari - Engine trouble
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 13 April 2023 23:58 GMT ]

Film 'Soppana Sundari' hails from the 1989 film 'Karakattakkaran,' a film with a densely packed and iconic comedy track. [Full Story]

Tamil-language service launches Facebook account
[ DW ] [ 12 April 2023 22:05 GMT ]

'There are more than 10 million active Facebook users in Tamil Nadu, where the entire META universe is growing. [Full Story]

Tamil culture and people are eternal, global in nature: PM Modi
[ The Print ] [ 11 April 2023 23:57 GMT ]

PM Modi said, 'Tamil culture and people are eternal as well as global. From Chennai to California, from Madurai to Melbourne….you will find Tamil people who have carried with them their culture and traditions. [Full Story]

Over 1 100-yr-old Tamil inscription talks of democratic processes in India including for polls disqualification PM
[ The Week ] [ 10 April 2023 08:10 GMT ]

'India is the world's oldest democracy. It is the mother of democracy. There are numerous historical references to this. An important reference is Tamil Nadu,' Modi said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Reject New Counterterrorism Bill
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 09 April 2023 11:20 GMT ]

'The Anti-Terrorism Bill needs to be seen both in light of Sri Lanka's abusive history of counterterrorism powers and the current government's repression of peaceful dissent,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: IMF Loan Risks Eroding Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 06 April 2023 12:30 GMT ]

'The government should recognize that the public deserves real accountability, whether it's for past war crimes or ongoing misgovernance and repression of critics.' [Full Story]

UN Paints Bleak Picture of Rights in Sri Lanka
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 02 April 2023 17:12 GMT ]

The report describes the targeting of minorities, notably Tamils and Muslims, by 'land grabs,' 'hate speech and misinformation,' and 'attacks against places of worship.' [Full Story]

The Role of International Actors in Mitigating Mass Killings: The Case of Sri Lanka, 1980-2009
[ The Academia ] [ 01 April 2023 10:15 GMT ]

The continued commitment of Sri Lankans, the UN, the Human Rights Council, and the USG to investigate and account for the war's large -scale violence may help create a political and social environment in which recurrence is unthinkable. [Full Story]

Canada sanctions ex-Sri Lanka presidents Mahinda, Gotabaya
[ Aljazeera ] [ 24 March 2023 15:00 GMT ]

Canada has imposed sanctions on four top Sri Lankan officials, including former presidents Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa, over 'gross and systematic violations of human rights' during armed conflict in the island nation from 1983 to 2009, the Canadian foreign ministry has said. [Full Story]

Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world's human rights - Sri Lanka
[ Amnesty International ] [ 23 March 2023 10:17 GMT ]

The authorities made no progress in bringing to justice in fair trials before ordinary civilian courts all those suspected of criminal responsibility concerning allegations of violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the three decades-long conflict. [Full Story]

Sampling Sambol in Sri Lanka
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 22 March 2023 19:50 GMT ]

In the 'up country', as Sri Lankans refer to hill stations such as Hatton, one can find a few Tamil cuisine-influenced sambols like ash plantain. [Full Story]

Should India abolish its state governors?
[ BBC ] [ 21 March 2023 19:25 GMT ]

Last week India's Supreme Court fretted that the country's governors could end up undermining democracy if their actions triggered the fall of a functioning state government. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: $3bn IMF bailout for struggling economy
[ BBC ] [ 20 March 2023 20:15 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has secured a $3bn (£2.4bn) bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as it faces its worst economic crisis since independence. [Full Story]

Retrieval of Katchatheevu only solution: Fishers
[ Dtnext ] [ 19 March 2023 23:51 GMT ]

Fisherfolk appeal for quick diplomatic decision to create a peaceful atmosphere. [Full Story]

ST Sangamam celebrates an ancient bond between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
[ Orissa Diary ] [ 18 March 2023 23:58 GMT ]

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has highlighted the bond between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu being celebrated under Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam. [Full Story]

The Elephant Whisperers: The documentary that won at Oscars 2023
[ BBC ] [ 17 March 2023 19:25 GMT ]

The Elephant Whisperers made history at the Oscars by becoming the first Indian production to win the Best Documentary Short film award. [Full Story]

Pope Francis: 10 moments from 10 years as Pope
[ Cafod ] [ 13 March 2023 19:45 GMT ]

Whether it's the witness he's shown to the Gospel in his encounters with the most marginalised members of our global family, or his words of wisdom for young people and world leaders alike, Pope Francis has inspired countless people to work for a better world. [Full Story]

Women's Day, Strength and Knowledge through Togetherness
[ LBO ] [ 08 March 2023 21:59 GMT ]

These women entrepreneurs need continuous support and mentoring by those who understand their situations. Something organisations like Suvadi aim to provide. [Full Story]

Amnesty International’s statement to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the occasion of the review of Sri Lanka, 6 March 2023
[ Amnesty International ] [ 06 March 2023 21:05 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government should accede to the Rome Statute and implement it fully into national law and ensure that if the government is considering a new truth mechanism, that it must be set up in line with country-wide consultations on transitional justice mechanisms. [Full Story]

[ EU’s Special Representative for Human Rights ] [ 27 Feb 2023 23:02 GMT ]

Defending human rights and democratic principles is a collective exercise, not a unilateral endeavour. No country, no matter how powerful and influential, can match the credibility of the international community acting through its institutions. [Full Story]

China Should Rethink Its Position on Debt
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 25 Feb 2023 18:52 GMT ]

Should the Chinese government genuinely value the rights it claims to promote at the United Nations, it needs to urgently reassess how it manages the unsustainable debt it holds. [Full Story]

Nedumaran's revelation and the return of Tamil Eelam politics
[ IANS ] [ 19 Feb 2023 18:10 GMT ]

While political parties or Tamil nationalist movements have not supported the claims of Nedumaran, political observers are of the opinion that there is an undercurrent in Dravidian politics of Tamil Nadu over Nedumaran's statement. [Full Story]

How Ranil Wikramasinghe is reaching out to Tamils
[ The Week ] [ 18 Feb 2023 22:47 GMT ]

Ever since rioters invaded the presidential palace and booted out Gotabaya, India has been calibrating its aid to the country that has been bankrupted by Chinese loans and organic farming. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: The looming question of police powers under 13A
[ Observer Research Foundation ] [ 17 Feb 2023 20:15 GMT ]

Any discourse on power devolution for the Tamil community in Sri Lanka ends up in a deadlock, invariably on the question of 'Police powers' for the provinces. [Full Story]

UNHCR's gratuitous advice on Sri Lankan refugees
[ The Leaflet ] [ 16 Feb 2023 18:50 GMT ]

The UNHCR has been aiding and abetting the Indian and Sri Lankan governments' efforts to send Sri Lankan Tamil refugees back to Sri Lanka, with a campaign of disinformation, enticement and skulduggery. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President's bid to devolve powers to Tamils runs into trouble
[ The Federal ] [ 15 Feb 2023 21:00 GMT ]

The President stated that he and Sampanthan shared a common dream, which was to provide a sustainable solution to the ethnic problem. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President says Jaffna Cultural Centre a gift by PM Modi
[ Daily Excelsior ] [ 14 Feb 2023 01:20 GMT ]

The centre is envisaged as a public space to 'promote, preserve and foster the cultural heritage of Jaffna', and serve as 'a hub of cultural activities' in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil nationalist leader claims LTTE Chief Prabhakaran still alive
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 13 Feb 2023 09:50 GMT ]

Prabhakaran was killed in 2009 in the war between Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE. 'Eelam' in Tamil denotes the homeland of the Tamil people. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President lauds Indian govt's efforts during country's financial crisis
[ The Print ] [ 12 Feb 2023 16:25 GMT ]

The Jaffna Cultural Centre includes a state-of-the-art facility that consists of multiple facilities such as a museum of two floors; an advanced theatre-style auditorium for more than 600 people, an 11-storeyed learning tower, a public square which could also act as an amphitheatre etc. [Full Story]

Sethusamudram project: Why is Sri Lanka silent about its legal response?
[ Sunday Times ] [ 11 Feb 2023 07:10 GMT ]

The Tamil Nadu State Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution on January 12, urging the central government to implement the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) immediately. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka thankful to Indian govt for Jaffna Cultural Centre
[ The Print ] [ 10 Feb 2023 00:10 GMT ]

Located next to the iconic Jaffna Public Library, the Jaffna Cultural Centre will be the tallest building in Jaffna town. [Full Story]

British MPs celebrate Thai Pongal and renew calls for accountability
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 16 Jan 2023 00:10 GMT ]

Marking the harvest festival Thai Pongal, British MPs have issued statements expressing gratitude for the contribution of British Tamils to the UK and renewing their commitment to justice and accountability in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Jagath Weerasinghe: Sri Lanka's bloody past
[ BBC ] [ 15 Jan 2023 00:05 GMT ]

Zeinab Badawi is in Sri Lanka to talk to one of the country’s most influential artists and archaeologists Jagath Weerasinghe. What does his art tell us about Sri Lanka’s bloody and difficult past and its prospects for a more peaceful future? [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu: The miraculous return of Indian fishermen lost at sea
[ BBC ] [ 14 Jan 2023 16:55 GMT ]

Their boat's engine had suffered a snag and the fishermen ended up marooned on a remote island in British Indian Ocean territory for days, until they were finally rescued by a passing British vessel. . [Full Story]

Newsnight Global: Sri Lanka
[ BBC ] [ 13 Jan 2023 14:30 GMT ]

What might the future bring for Sri Lanka, and what lessons can be learned for other nations facing potential financial disaster? [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Crisis of Rights, Accountability
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 12 Jan 2023 23:00 GMT ]

New Administration Fails to Reverse Damaging Policies of its Predecessor. [Full Story]

Canada sanctions Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa brothers over rights abuses
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 11 Jan 2023 19:45 GMT ]

Canada on Tuesday sanctioned four Sri Lankan state officials, including Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who are former presidents and also brothers, for human rights abuses committed during the island nation’s civil war. [Full Story] [Canadian Govt Notice]

Sri Lanka's central bank urges China and India to reduce its debts
[ BBC ] [ 11 Jan 2023 19:02 GMT ]

The International Monetary Fund will not release the cash until China and India first agree to reduce Sri Lanka's billions of dollars of debt. [Full Story]

Sethusamudram project cost: All you need to know about Tamil Nadu key sea link
[ Times of India ] [ 10 Jan 2023 23:30 GMT ]

The ambitious maritime project was originally conceived by the British in the year 1860 at a cost of Rs 50 lakh, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister told the Assembly. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's anti-government protests have gone silent - for now
[ BBC ] [ 09 Jan 2023 23:01 GMT ]

In the days after the president's home and office were stormed, as Mr Rajapaksa fled to the Maldives and finally resigned. [Full Story]

Cash-strapped Sri Lanka plans to reduce its military by half by 2030
[ Mint ] [ 08 Jan 2023 22:59 GMT ]

The cash-strapped nation is planning to reduce the military strength to 100,000 by 2030-end from its current strength of 200,783. [Full Story]

After Sri Lanka's chaotic summer
[ Geographical ] [ 07 Jan 2023 13:15 GMT ]

'This is my home. I'm feeling positive. Somewhere down the line something will change.' [Full Story]

India befriends Sri Lanka as China’s shadow looms
[ Japan News ] [ 06 Jan 2023 23:05 GMT ]

India provided about $4 billion in rapid assistance between January and July, including credit lines, a currency swap arrangement and deferred import payments, and sent a warship carrying essential drugs for the island’s 22 million people. [Full Story]

President and Tamil National Alliance to discuss full implementation of 13A
[ News In Asia ] [ 05 Jan 2023 23:58 GMT ]

Positive moves are being made by both President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to resolve the seven decades-long ethnic issue. [Full Story]

No action from Sri Lankangovt on most pressing concerns of Tamils, says TNA
[ The Hindu Business Line ] [ 04 Jan 2023 22:23 GMT ]

The Solidarity Movement for North East People’s Struggle in a statement asked the government to release 33 long-term PTA detainees as a “first step” towards reconciliation. [Full Story]

Trincomalee Massacre 2006
[ Counter Currents ] [ 03 Jan 2023 16:06 GMT ]

The killings came a month after then Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed office and the island began to slide towards all-out war. [Full Story]

Op-ed: A flicker of hope for human rights in South Asia
[ Amnesty International ] [ 16 Dec 2022 19:19 GMT ]

South Asia has a history of strong people’s movements fighting against injustice, so let’s celebrate them and support them in their quest to secure human rights for all. Let’s keep the candle of human rights burning. [Full Story]

Sooka paid a significant sum in legal costs and compensation by pro-government Sinhalese diaspora activist and sets legal precedent in the UK
[ The International Truth and Justice Project ] [ 15 Dec 2022 00:09 GMT ]

Yasmin Sooka is a well known international human rights lawyer and transitional justice expert who ran the Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa for nineteen years. [Full Story]

Transitional Justice, Refugees and IDPs in Post War in Sri Lanka
[ Groundviews ] [ 14 Dec 2022 14:19 GMT ]

Transitional justice is built on the pillars of truth, justice, reparations, nonrecurrence and memorialization while its purpose is to provide recognition to victims, encourage civic trust, endorse reconciliation and promote democracy. [Full Story]

Tamils see new beginnings with flight re-inking Jaffna to Chennai
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 13 Dec 2022 18:25 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan war may have crippled Jaffna's economy but locals are pinning their hope on the Indian Government. [Full Story]

Mullaitivu Tamils fight back against land grabs
[ Tamil Guardian] [ 12 Dec 2022 23:45 GMT ]

One protester told reporters; 'I sold everything I had and purchased this land. Now my land has been grabbed by Government. If I had my land, I could survive by cultivating and selling'. [Full Story]

Shanakiyan Rasamanickam | An MP to watch in Sri Lanka
[ The Hindu ] [ 11 Dec 2022 17:23 GMT ]

The Opposition legislator, who frequently raises local, regional, and national issues, recently made heads turn with his remarks against China. [Full Story]

Minority Tamil Catholics feel shortchanged by Sri Lankan Church
[ UCA News ] [ 10 Dec 2022 17:23 GMT ]

The social discrimination Tamil-speaking people experience in Sinhala-majority Sri Lanka finds expression in the Catholic Church too, almost dividing it into two churches. [Full Story]

US imposes sanctions on Sri Lanka military officer for Int'l Human Rights Day
[ Economy Next ] [ 09 Dec 2022 23:00 GMT ]

Journalist Keith Noyahr was abducted and tortured in May 2008 when war was raging in the country’s north and east between government forces and the separatist Tamil Tigers. [Full Story]

Op-ed: A flicker of hope for human rights in South Asia
[ Amnesty International ] [ 08 Dec 2022 23:30 GMT ]

We must keep hope close to our hearts in terrain that is so hostile to human rights work. [Full Story]

Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) Launches a Digital Archiving Social Platform
[ EIN News ] [ 07 Dec 2022 23:55 GMT ]

TGM completed the platform project in 2022 to allow archivists and Tamil activists to share and preserve the digital artifacts of Tamil Eelam &Tamil Genocide. [Full Story]

Ottawa Tamil Association Hosts the Seventh Tamil Heritage Month Gala on January 29, 2023
[ EIN News ] [ 06 Dec 2022 22:47 GMT ]

The Tamil Heritage Month Gala takes place on the last Sunday in January in Ottawa for celebrating the Tamil heritage, arts, and thanksgiving to nature. [Full Story]

Indian model as wayforward
[ The Island ] [ 05 Dec 2022 23:11 GMT ]

Just across the seas from Sri Lanka the world has a good example of a diverse and huge country that has held together as one and is now getting stronger and stronger, both in terms of its economic might, but also its international stature. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu also has many islands like Maldives
[ Newsday Express ] [ 04 Dec 2022 10:35 GMT ]

Be it culturally or geographically, Tamil Nadu never gets bored with its stuff. But unlike the way most tourists come to visit the beautiful temples and hill stations of the state, there are many islands which are probably less known. [Full Story]

Tamil Diaspora Demand Political Solution and a Guarantee of Justice for Crimes of Genocide in Sri Lanka
[ EIN News] [ 03 Dec 2022 23:50 GMT ]

'The Eelam Tamil diaspora is estimated to be more than one-million strong and have been instrumental in seeking credible international independent justice mechanisms to investigate mass atrocities, in particular genocide, committed against Tamils by the Sri Lankan State during and after the war. [Full Story]

Desultory search for a solution to the Sri Lankan ethnic issue
[ News In Asia ] [ 02 Dec 2022 19:59 GMT ]

President Wickremesinghe has indicated that he is only willing to consider something less than a federal setup. He has also indicated that he prefers devolution to districts rather than the provinces. [Full Story]

Continued harassment against Sri Lankan human rights defender and journalist Selvakumar
[ Frontline Defenders ] [ 01 Dec 2022 16:45 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has a history of targeting and attacks of peaceful human rights defenders and journalists for their human rights work and advocacy [Full Story]

'Human rights, rule of law & reconciliation are key to a stability and democracy' - US Ambassador meets with TNA MPs
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 30 Nov 2022 17:38 GMT ]

US Ambassodor Chung met with TNA MPs Shanakiya Rasamanickam, Charles Nirmalanathan, Sivagnanam Shritharan and Govinthan Karunakaran. The discussions focused on the concerns of Tamils on the island. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka at Brink of Humanitarian Crisis
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 29 Nov 2022 11:20 GMT ]

It is essential that Sri Lanka’s international partners, including the United States and European Union, press the government to fulfill its human rights obligations as an essential step towards addressing the crisis. [Full Story]

Thematic Report for the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council (March 2023)
[ OHCHR ] [ 28 Nov 2022 17:23 GMT ]

Its purpose will be to analyse the trends or obstacles that minorities have faced in the mainstreaming of their rights in the work of the UN since the adoption of the Declaration and the call in 2013. [Full Story]

'A powerful display of Tamil nationhood and collective defiance'
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 27 Nov 2022 23:47 GMT ]

Given 'the consistent failure and incompetence of Sinhala-Buddhist decision-making, it is more than timely to let Tamils decide their own economical and political future,'. [Full Story]

On the Ponniyin Trail: Here are the five places that tread the path of the Cholas in Sri Lanka
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 26 Nov 2022 23:50 GMT ]

The Chola dynasty - one of the longest-ruling dynasties in world history - has once again caught the public imagination. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Tamil parties to push for autonomy in a new Constitution
[ Wion ] [ 25 Nov 2022 22:34 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's minority Tamil parties held an internal meeting and decided to present a three-point plan, including their drive for federalism. [Full Story]

Ramadoss urges Centre to work on forming separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka
[ Times of India ] [ 24 Nov 2022 22:15 GMT ]

S Ramadoss has urged the Union government to initiate legal measures to form a separate state for the Sri Lankan Tamil people in the island nation. [Full Story]

An uphill struggle in Sri Lanka's tea country
[ The Hindu ] [ 23 Nov 2022 22:55 GMT ]

The World Bank noted in October that 'more than half the population living in estate areas is now below the poverty line' in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

2022 Asia-Pacific Regional Forum Recommendations
[ UN Human Rights ] [ 22 Nov 2022 11:18 GMT ]

The minority question in Asia is intrinsically connected to the decolonisation process and the creation of new, post-colonial states. [Full Story]

Tamils have a legitimate right to sovereignty in three ways
[ EIN News ] [ 21 Nov 2022 21:50 GMT ]

Sri Lanka will never reach a political solution or to create a constitutional amendment regarding a peaceful political resolution that would benefit Tamils. [Full Story]

The Never Ending Search for Sri Lanka's Forcibly Disappeared
[ GroundViews ] [ 20 Nov 2022 19:22 GMT ]

Ambiguous loss is the most stressful type of loss because there is no proof to bring about closure - a story with no ending where they cannot mourn, honour the lost person or have funeral rites. [Full Story]

Keen to solve Tamil community problems in Sri Lanka by next year: President Wickremesinghe
[ The Indian Express ] [ 19 Nov 2022 18:45 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's efforts to solve the Tamil minority issue through negotiations had historically failed due to political opposition from the majority Sinhala community parties. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Should Free Detained Students
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 Nov 2022 12:00 GMT ]

The government should introduce a genuine moratorium on the PTA, and ensure that any counterterrorism legislation that replaces it complies with the five 'prerequisites' set out by UN experts to meet international human rights standards. [Full Story]

UK agrees to negotiate with Mauritius over handover of Chagos Island
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 17 Nov 2022 09:15 GMT ]

Earlier this year As many as 42 Eelam Tamil asylum-seekers launched a hunger strike after eight months of being detained on a military base 3,000 miles south of India, as a plea to the UK government to allow them to seek asylum in another country. [Full Story]

Tamil refugees plead with UNHCR not to be taken back to Sri Lanka
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 16 Nov 2022 07:00 GMT ]

Following a rescue by Singaporean authorities, over 300 Tamil refugees residing in Vietnam are pleading with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to not be returned to Sri Lanka and instead resettled to a third country as a refugee. [Full Story]

Can There Be a Rights Reckoning for Nations That Don't Want to Do It?
[ The New York Times ] [ 15 Nov 2022 22:30 GMT ]

Women who accuse the Sri Lankan security forces of disappearing their sons have been the driving force of protests in the country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's President invites Tamil parties to resolve minority issues internally
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 14 Nov 2022 20:50 GMT ]

International rights groups claim at least 40,000 ethnic Tamil civilians were killed in the final stages of the war. [Full Story]

Sanctions, demilitarisation, and ICC referral - British MPs demand action on Sri Lanka
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 13 Nov 2022 08:05 GMT ]

In a wide-ranging debate focused on Sri Lanka, British MPS from across the political aisle unified in their demand for the UK government to act on Sri Lanka in the form of Magnitsky-style sanctions; refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court. [Full Story]

An Artist's High-Tech Dream of a World With No Nations
[ The New York Times ] [ 12 Nov 2022 18:15 GMT ]

In a retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in London, Christopher Kulendran Thomas wonders if network technology can create a real utopia. [Full Story]

Tamil Catholics celebrate three events
[ NZ Catholic Newspaper ] [ 11 Nov 2022 18:00 GMT ]

The association decided to hold the celebration for the feast of Our Lady of Velankanni as well as the canonisation this year of the first Tamil saint, St Devasagayem Pillai, with the anniversary. [Full Story]

Remembering Raviraj 16 years on
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 10 Nov 2022 23:20 GMT ]

Mr Raviraj was shot in Colombo at close range by unidentified gunmen on a motorbike at around 8:30am on November 10 2006, as he got into his car after giving an interview. The MP died later in hospital. His bodyguard was also killed. [Full Story]

Toronto Tamil Excellence Night Energizes Tamil Diaspora
[ EIN News ] [ 09 Nov 2022 23:35 GMT ]

The lack of UN and INGO evidence collection regarding the Tamil genocide in Tamil Eelam has undermined Tamil justice efforts in a systematic manner' [Full Story]

UN ramps up its urgent humanitarian appeal to bring life-saving assistance to 3.4 million Sri Lankans
[ Reliefweb ] [ 08 Nov 2022 07:15 GMT ]

It will enable protection services to continue for vulnerable women and children at risk of violence. [Full Story]

With people rushing for Sri Lanka's exit, is anyone coming back?
[ LBO ] [ 07 Nov 2022 19:07 GMT ]

Neelesh's advice to young people: Don't just wait in one spot. Get up and go out and look around to see what opportunities are out there in the World. [Full Story]

Support workers' struggle in Sri Lanka
[ Tamil Solidarity ] [ 06 Nov 2022 23:55 GMT ]

The climate of fear created by the government has restricted the political activities of Tamils, Muslims and hill country workers. [Full Story]

From army visits to star accolades, never a dull moment for a broadcaster
[ Indian Newslink ] [ 05 Nov 2022 23:20 GMT ]

'The Tamil Conference 2022 brings together scholars, motivational speakers, opinion-makers and community leaders from various parts of the world as well as about 250 Tamil-speaking community members of Aotearoa New Zealand,' [Full Story]

'Be more humane towards our fishermen': India tells Sri Lanka
[ Wion ] [ 04 Nov 2022 22:05 GMT ]

The meeting provided a forum for the Navies and Coast Guards from both sides to further enhance mutual cooperation and synergy in operations. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: UN Human Rights Council resolution upholds the need to maintain international scrutiny and seek justice and accountability
[ Amnesty International ] [ 02 Nov 2022 09:52 GMT ]

'The adoption of the UN Human Rights Council's resolution reflects the need for continuing international scrutiny on Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

'Why is there an OMP office?' - Tamil Families of the Disappeared protest in Mannar
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 01 Nov 2022 18:28 GMT ]

These protests are the latest in a series of demonstrations that have lasted over 2,000 days. [Full Story]

What's on the other side of Ram Setu in Sri Lanka?
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 31 Oct 2022 22:11 GMT ]

An arid, wild west landscape with isolated patches of sandy shoreline dotted with palmyra trees and empty fishing boats at Mannar in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan parliament passes constitutional amendment on executive presidency
[ WSWS ] [ 30 Oct 2022 16:25 GMT ]

This amendment does not limit the sweeping powers of the executive president but makes only cosmetic changes. [Full Story]

'Olai Puttu', eatery for authentic Sri Lankan food comes-up in Thoothukudi
[ The Hindu ] [ 29 Oct 2022 00:45 GMT ]

This Sri Lankan Tamil traditional restaurant is supported as part of a project promoting self-reliance of Sri Lankan Tamil women living in the rehabilitation camps. [Full Story]

US stands with Tamil Families of the Disappeared
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 28 Oct 2022 12:17 GMT ]

Tamil politicians have called on the United States to refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court. [Full Story]

Families of those missing in Sri Lankan civil war continue to demand justice
[ La Prensa Latina ] [ 27 Oct 2022 10:44 GMT ]

'For years we are living in extreme sorrow. We are also living in poverty. If we are not going to see our loved ones again, then at least the government must give us compensation to help us,' [Full Story]

Sri Lankans yearn for answers on relatives who disappeared in civil war
[ Reuters ] [ 26 Oct 2022 16:25 GMT ]

The instances of enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka rank among the world's highest, with human rights group Amnesty International estimating them to number between 60,000 and 100,000 since the late 1980s. [Full Story]

Justice eludes Sri Lanka's Tamils
[ The Statesman ] [ 25 Oct 2022 23:57 GMT ]

It is only through international pressure that the Sri Lankan state will deliver equality to its Tamil citizens. [Full Story]

[ BTF ] [ 24 Oct 2022 20:45 GMT ]

We request the International Community to work towards a negotiated political solution for the Tamil people through international arbitration and to undertake to implement it in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil History and Heritage workshop series 19 October to 23 November 2022
[ Tamil Institute ] [ 23 Oct 2022 09:00 GMT ]

Tamil History and Heritage workshop series that starts on Wednesday 19 October 2022 to any young people aged 16-30 years. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Political Prescription to 22A
[ SL Guardian ] [ 22 Oct 2022 23:10 GMT ]

Any attempt at the arbitrary replacement of the present Constitution with a new Constitution could deprive the Tamils of even the limited powers granted under the Unitary Constitution by the Thirteenth Amendment. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka passes Constitutional amendment curtailing President's powers
[ Business Standard ] [ 21 Oct 2022 14:24 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan Parliament on Friday passed, with over 2/3 majority, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution curtailing certain powers of the President. [Full Story]

Another Beginning
[ Frontline ] [ 20 Oct 2022 10:09 GMT ]

The story is set in the turbulence of an anti-Tamil pogrom in Sri Lanka 45 years ago. [Full Story]

A Booker Prize-Winning Novel Offering A Searing Satire Of The Sri Lankan Civil War
[ Homegrown ] [ 19 Oct 2022 19:35 GMT ]

Karunatilaka takes into consideration the real faces of war and through the use of intentional themes of sarcasm and parody, commends the resilient spirit of his people. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Draft 'Rehabilitation' Law Would Spur Abuse
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 Oct 2022 21:45 GMT ]

'Foreign governments should make clear that they will support the urgent needs of the Sri Lankan people, but they will also take action through targeted sanctions and other measures against those committing serious human rights violations.' [Full Story]

Shehan Karunatilaka wins Booker prize for The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 17 Oct 2022 15:00 GMT ]

Chair of the judges for this year's prize, said the novel was chosen because 'it's a book that takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey through life and death right to what the author describes as the dark heart of the world'. [Full Story]

'Persecuted Hindu Tamils from Sri Lanka can obtain Indian citizenship under the CAA': Madras HC
[ Opindia ] [ 16 Oct 2022 23:54 GMT ]

The Center for Democracy Pluralism and Human Rights report has also raised concerns over the status of human rights and religious minorities in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

UK accused of putting Tamil refugees at risk in Indian Ocean
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 15 Oct 2022 22:34 GMT ]

The first boat of Tamil refugees, including alleged torture victims, arrived just over a year ago on Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Islands. [Full Story]

Protesting relatives of forcibly disappeared persons in Sri Lanka seek international probe
[ Peoples Dispatch ] [ 14 Oct 2022 22:44 GMT ]

The mothers, who are affected by the brutal war and genocide, never got the details of their relatives. Instead of letting us know what happened to our relatives, they asked us if we needed a hen or goat?' Yogarasa lamented. [Full Story]

Sea trade led to economic growth of ancient Tamils
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 13 Oct 2022 22:34 GMT ]

The ancient ports on the Red Sea coast of Egypt; at Khor Rori-Sumharam in Oman and other places attest to the early maritime activity of Tamilagam with far off countries. [Full Story]

The top 6 road trips in Sri Lanka for island adventures
[ Lonely Planet ] [ 12 Oct 2022 19:01 GMT ]

In Sri Lanka's northern capital, richly spiced Tamil food is the order of the day. Feast on crab curry and tour the Dutch-era fort and the pilgrim-thronged courtyards of the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Keeping the Storm at Bay
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 11 Oct 2022 02:04 GMT ]

In this excerpt from the Watch List 2022 - Autumn Update, Crisis Group lays out what the EU and its member states can do to mitigate the risks of needed reforms. [Full Story]

Erasing Tamil Eelam: De/Re Territorialisation in the Global War on Terror
[ Academia ] [ 10 Oct 2022 11:25 GMT ]

The spatial aspect of Tamil ethno-nationalism has not changed with the GSL's defeat of the LTTE and there is little reason to believe the new strategy of ensuring ethnic heterogeneity and military outposts in the northeast will address the causes underlying the movement for Eelam in the first place. [Full Report]

Sri Lanka: 'We are near total breakdown': Protecting the rights to health, food and social security in Sri Lanka's economic crisis
[ Amnesty International ] [ 09 Oct 2022 10:03 GMT ]

It focusses on the experiences of people who have precarious jobs and rely on daily wages as their only source of income, and on people from the Malaiyaha Tamil community. [Full Report]

The Geopolitics Of Voting At UNHRC On Resolution Against Sri Lanka - Analysis
[ Eurasia View ] [ 08 Oct 2022 17:15 GMT ]

The stance on human rights appears to have been determined by the member's geopolitical predilections and national interest. [Full Story]

UN extends Sri Lanka war-time violations monitoring, China opposes
[ Reuters ] [ 07 Oct 2022 07:00 GMT ]

The resolution renews the mandate of the OHCHR to observe Sri Lanka's progress towards establishing a credible investigation into alleged war crimes during the civil war that ended in 2009 and promote demilitarisation of its north and eastern regions. [Full Story]

A/HRC/51/5: Situation of human rights in Sri Lanka - Comprehensive report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
[ UN Human Rights Council ] [ 06 Oct 2022 20:25 GMT ]

By pursuing a number of options to advance accountability at the international level, Member States can help Sri Lankans seek justice, reconciliation and human rights. [Full Report]

If India wants to support Sri Lankans, it must back extension of UN panel probing rights violations
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 05 Oct 2022 12:04 GMT ]

To support Sri Lankans who are calling for change and accountability, it is essential for India and other members of the Council to support the resolution. [Full Story]

Ponniyin Selvan: Mani Ratnam's epic drama fires up India box office
[ BBC ] [ 04 Oct 2022 15:05 GMT ]

Ponniyin Selvan, based on one of India's greatest emperors, is widely considered by many to be the finest novel ever written in Tamil. [Full Story]

Vaiko reiterates call for referendum on Tamil Eelam
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 03 Oct 2022 07:30 GMT ]

He urged the Indian government to change its foreign policy towards Sri Lanka and called for support on a referendum to establish an independent Tamil Eelam. [Full Story]

The idyllic beach resort run by Sri Lanka�s bloated military
[ The Irish Times ] [ 02 Oct 2022 11:08 GMT ]

In northern and eastern Tamil regions, the military retains an outsized role in everything from security to business, a system critics said perpetuated abuses and prevented reconciliation. [Full Story]

UN Human Rights Council Sri Lanka Resolution is Disappointing - Will Encourage Atrocity Crimes Against Tamils: Victims
[ Presswire ] [ 01 Oct 2022 10:25 GMT ]

'Instead of Holding Perpetrators to Account, the Resolution White Washes Their Atrocity Crimes and Bail Them Out' [Full Story]

Sangam Period: Literature, dynasties, and other details you need to know
[ News9 Live ] [ 30 Sep 2022 23:02 GMT ]

The Sangam period is dated broadly between the 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century CE [Full Story]

US Congress members demand State Department use sanctions on Sri Lanka
[ Tamil Guardian] [ 29 Sep 2022 23:45 GMT ]

'Only by bringing justice and redress to victims of past human rights violations during the decades-long civil war will Sri Lanka be able to fully address its current economic crisis and political situation.' [Full Story]

A journey into Sri Lanka's despair
[ Nikkei Asia ] [ 28 Sep 2022 12:35 GMT ]

Economic collapse deepens but calls for systemic change go unheard. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Revoke Sweeping New Order to Restrict Protest
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 27 Sep 2022 21:07 GMT ]

'Sri Lankans peacefully calling for reforms and government accountability for the economic crisis now face even greater risks of violence, arrest and prolonged detention,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Objective Political Climate and Human Rights
[ BTF ] [ 26 Sep 2022 23:55 GMT ]

We request the International Community to work towards a negotiated political solution for the Tamil people through international arbitration and to undertake to implement it in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Ensuring Sri Lanka's Compliance with UNHRC Resolutions
[ Countercurrents ] [ 25 Sep 2022 17:03 GMT ]

Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamils all over the world are very deeply concerned in relation to Sri Lanka�s past human rights violations including war crimes and the very minimal steps taken to uphold accountability and dispense justice to the victims. [Full Story]

Archaeological Survey of India finds 12,000-year-old artefacts near Chennai
[ The Times of India ] [ 24 Sep 2022 10:11 GMT ]

As per typological study, the tools may have been made roughly 12,000 years ago. [Full Story]

Me and my mother tongue
[ The Michigan Daily ] [ 23 Sep 2022 22:27 GMT ]

As a member of the Tamil diaspora that was forced out of Sri Lanka, the Tamil language is central to our identity. [Full Story]

The Tamil Prince, London N1: 'In short, it's just plain great'
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 22 Sep 2022 23:51 GMT ]

The Tamil Prince is firing out a menu of a similar standard to the likes of Gymkhana in Mayfair. [Full Story]

Sri Lankans freed from Russian brutality in Ukraine
[ BBC ] [ 21 Sep 2022 12:15 GMT ]

'We thought we would never get out alive,' says Dilujan Paththinajakan. [Full Story]

Meena Kandasamy awarded the PEN Germany Hermann Kesten Prize
[ The News Minute ] [ 20 Sep 2022 01:25 GMT ]

The award recognises public figures who take a stand against the persecution of writers and journalists. [Full Story]

Oldest Languages In The World: Top 10
[ Bscholarly ] [ 19 Sep 2022 22:40 GMT ]

Tamil, also known as Dravidian, has been spoken for 5,000 years and is the world�s oldest living language. [Full Story]

Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka: An Inside Perspective of War Affected Women
[ Academia ] [ 18 Sep 2022 19:41 GMT ]

The war affected women in Sri Lanka, can and should find a way to push their demands forward throughout the process of post-conflict reconciliation. [Full Story]

'Sri Lankan Tamils will be entitled to external self-determination on account of your default.'
[ Sri Lanka Brief ] [ 17 Sep 2022 00:15 GMT ]

If you do not do it and abstain from doing the right thing, I do not think the Tamil people will take it lying down for too long,' [Full Story]

'We shall be worthy of our duty': the Queen's most memorable speeches
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 16 Sep 2022 09:25 GMT ]

We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again. [Full Story]

Transforming Sri Lanka
[ Policy Forum ] [ 15 Sep 2022 16:11 GMT ]

The mostly Tamil-populated north of the country has been living in continuous protest of land-grabbing, deforestation, and socio-ethnic destabilisation in their traditional homeland for many years. [Full Story]

Are They Alive?
[ BTF ] [ 14 Sep 2022 10:15 GMT ]

The protests of the mothers and family members are unceasingly continuing in Sri Lanka demanding for the release and/or justice for their loss. [Full Story]

Obituary: Queen Elizabeth II
[ BBC ] [ 13 Sep 2022 22:00 GMT ]

The long reign of Queen Elizabeth II was marked by her strong sense of duty and her determination to dedicate her life to her throne and to her people. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Rights Groups Urge Strong UN Resolution
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 13 Sep 2022 19:00 GMT ]

The UN Human Rights Council should adopt a strong resolution on Sri Lanka that strengthens current UN mandates on accountability for crimes under international law and monitors the country�s deteriorating human rights situation. [Full Story]

Viruben Nandakumar struggles for Tamil self-determination in Sri Lanka
[ Medya News ] [ 12 Sep 2022 17:02 GMT ]

The Tamils are a nation of some 85 million people, which makes them the largest nation on earth without their own country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: The UN Human Rights Council must strengthen its oversight of Sri Lanka during the crisis triggered by the political and economic collapse
[ Amnesty International ] [ 11 Sep 2022 10:45 GMT ]

Amnesty International urges the UNHRC to strengthen the existing Sri Lanka accountability project of OHCHR, that was established to collect, consolidate, analyse and preserve information and evidence for future; and to set up an expert mechanism on Sri Lanka to monitor, report, provide recommendations on human rights concerns that are at the core of the current crisis. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Government Appoints Alleged Rights Abusers
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 10 Sep 2022 23:09 GMT ]

The government's egregious appointments this week and its heavy-handed response to peaceful protests should make it clear to UN member countries that Sri Lanka's rights situation is declining rapidly. [Full Story]

The Emergence of New Tamil Identity
[ Goa Chronicle ] [ 09 Sep 2022 20:25 GMT ]

Tamil language and culture is one of the oldest thriving tradition in the world, as far as oral tradition it dates it back to 6000BCE and archeological evidence has touched 1200BCE so far. [Full Story]

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: The moment history stops
[ BBC ] [ 08 Sep 2022 19:00 GMT ]

It was her life and her work to be the best of Britain. This was the service she gave. [Full Story]

Tainted Tea: Ensure Welfare of Estate Workers
[ Daily News ] [ 08 Sep 2022 18:02 GMT ]

What about the welfare and rights of thousands of hard-working resilient plantation workers who work in the mist-laden hills? These women and men also have needs, emotions and aspirations like all humans. [Full Story]

'The way out of Sri Lanka's crisis is tied to Tamil freedom'
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 07 Sep 2022 12:51 GMT ]

The freedom of the Sinhala people is interconnected with the national liberation struggle of the Tamil people. [Full Story]

Tamils will only invest in SL if Govt. provides political solution
[ Daily FT ] [ 06 Sep 2022 14:27 GMT ]

Tamils will only invest in Sri Lanka with confidence if the Government of President Ranil Wickremesinghe is able to provide an acceptable political solution to the ethic problem relating to the country's Tamil people. [Full Story]

Tamil political prisoners still languish in jail, whilst Sri Lanka lifts ban on some diaspora groups
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 05 Sep 2022 00:09 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government's move to lift a ban on a handful of Tamil diaspora organisations whilst hundreds of political prisoners remain imprisoned is a 'deceitful drama'. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Ramifications of Nation Rebuilding
[ SL Guardian ] [ 04 Sep 2022 22:30 GMT ]

Compromise will pave the way for a sustainable solution. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: No Recovery without Accountability
[ Geopolitical Monitor ] [ 03 Sep 2022 10:55 GMT ]

The biggest challenge for truth and reconciliation will be gaining, and holding, support from the Sinhalese Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka to investigate and prosecute atrocities committed against the Tamils during the civil war. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: End Use of Terrorism Law Against Protesters
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 02 Sep 2022 20:28 GMT ]

'President Wickremesinghe seems intent on disregarding calls by Sri Lankans for political reform and accountability, and those by his allies abroad to improve respect for human rights,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Remembering the Sencholai massacre 16 years on
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 01 Sep 2022 22:05 GMT ]

On August 14 2006, four Sri Lankan air force jets flew over the Vanni and dropped sixteen bombs over the Sencholai children's home for orphans, killing 53 school girls and 3 teachers. [Full Story]

Tamil Party Leaders Letter to UNHRC
[ TNA ] [ 31 Aug 2022 12:00 GMT ]

We submit these facts for your kind attention, consideration, and necessary action and to support your commitment and untiring efforts to ensure justice to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

In Sri Lanka, Tamil mothers of disappeared mark 2,000 days of struggle
[ The Hindu ] [ 30 Aug 2022 00:40 GMT ]

The global human rights organisation urged Sri Lankan government to 'urgently and genuinely' take account of the demands of families of the disappeared, 'prioritise, respect and facilitate' the families� rights to truth, justice and reparations. [Full Story]

Pathetic plight of the Tamil Political Prisoners in Sri Lanka
[ Counter Currents ] [ 29 Aug 2022 07:35 GMT ]

Sri Lanka wants the world to believe that things are really changing. And yet the dubious detention of Tamils continues. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Introduces Reform Bill to Clip Presidential Powers
[ ABC News ] [ 28 Aug 2022 19:08 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's civil war resulted in the deaths of 100,000 people, according to conservative United Nations estimates. The actual number is believed to be much higher. [Full Story]

Chinese ship at Lankan port: More to it than meets the eye
[ Observer Research Foundation ] [ 27 Aug 2022 10:10 GMT ]

Equipping them, instead, to defend themselves against an unkind State back home was tantamount to India invoking the �Responsibility to Protect� (R2P) doctrine, which the UN waited to adopt in 2005, after atrocities in the Balkans and Rwanda, a decade earlier. [Full Story]

Will Ranil's tokenism work with the 51st session of UNHRC?
[ The Morning ] [ 26 Aug 2022 17:15 GMT ]

Since 1948, every Government in power in Sri Lanka has managed accountability and reconciliation purely through empty words, as the verbal and written promises have never been implemented. [Full Story]

Retracing historical and cultural links between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka
[ The Hindu ] [ 25 Aug 2022 17:00 GMT ]

Relations can be traced to proto-.historic times. Marks, similar to graffiti-inscribed potsherds found in Tamil Nadu, were unearthed in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

'We must not lose hope': Activists, victims seek war crimes charges against ex-Sri Lankan president
[ CBC ] [ 24 Aug 2022 16:48 GMT ]

Human rights groups say now is the time to fight for accountability. [Full Story]

The Rajapaksas have been unseated but Sri Lanka should remember past lessons on majoritarianism
[ Scroll.in ] [ 23 Aug 2022 10:45 GMT ]

For the state to come out with strength and stability, it must frame policies favouring the fair inclusion and representation of the minorities, who have long been ignored. [Full Story]

Perak ruler pays tribute to Jaffna Tamil community
[ FMT ] [ 21 Aug 2022 00:05 GMT ]

Launching a book titled 'They Came from Jaffna', he said the Jaffna Tamil community has contributed to Malaysian culture and heritage through music, dance, movies and culinary arts. [Full Story]

'The right way to end your summer': Tamil Fest returns to Scarborough's Markham Road this weekend
[ Toronto Star ] [ 20 Aug 2022 23:55 GMT ]

Largest Tamil event outside South Asia is on Aug. 27 and 28. [Full Story]

It is time to act
[ BTF ] [ 19 Aug 2022 20:52 GMT ]

The recent events in Sri Lanka have given us a window of opportunity to ensure that the momentum of this process is hastened. [Full Story]

Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council on 23 March 2021 - Evidence Collection Mechanism
[ Human Rights Council ] [ 18 Aug 2022 12:12 GMT ]

Operative Paragraph 6. Recognizes the importance of preserving and analysing evidence relating to violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Roots of the Sri Lankan Crisis and its implications for Australia
[ Australian Institute of International Affairs ] [ 17 Aug 2022 23:29 GMT ]

Positive change could occur in two ways: 1) a Federal restructuring; or 2) a return to the historical structure of the country: Sri Lanka had never been a unified state and perhaps this was at the root of many political and social issues facing the country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Economic Crisis Puts Rights in Peril
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 16 Aug 2022 19:55 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's deepening economic crisis highlights the need for the government to give priority to the rights of the people,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's determined Non-Compliance of UNHRC Resolutions in Defiance of UN and UNHRC Charters
[ Counter Currents ] [ 15 Aug 2022 01:35 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's extent of compliance with the Recommendations of UNHRC Resolutions passed against it since 2012 particularly No. 30/1 of October 01, 2015 to 46/1 of March 23, 2021 raises concerns to the affected Tamils in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil mothers of disappeared fear the worst as bodies wash ashore in Colombo
[ Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka ] [ 14 Aug 2022 22:22 GMT ]

Families searching for their enforced disappeared relatives fear that the bodies washed ashore within last few weeks along the Colombo coast could be that of their beloved ones. [Full Story]

Promises not kept
[ Frontline - The Hindu ] [ 13 Aug 2022 22:45 GMT ]

People of Indian origin in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Fiji, for example, are descendants of these labourers. [Full Story]

Counting and Cracking review - an absorbing Sri Lankan family odyssey
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 12 Aug 2022 07:05 GMT ]

Siddharatha also has half an idea to discover his Sri Lankan origins, a culture he knows little about despite his Tamil heritage and Sinhala name. [Full Story]

A perfect storm in Sri Lanka: Governance lessons for the region and beyond
[ Observer Research Foundation ] [ 11 Aug 2022 12:00 GMT ]

If sustained and translated into a new social contract for the nation, this unity in adversity may well be the most important positive lesson of the Sri Lankan meltdown for the region and the world. [Full Story]

'The Canary in the Coal Mine': Sri Lanka's Crisis is a Chronicle Foretold
[ International Viewpoint ] [ 10 Aug 2022 00:10 GMT ]

It is undoubtedly the most uplifting and hopeful social struggle in Sri Lanka of the 21st century. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: New President Should Chart Path Upholding Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 09 Aug 2022 16:00 GMT ]

'In recent months many Sri Lankans have bravely taken to the streets to call for reform, accountability for corruption, and the protection of fundamental rights,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: End government crackdown on peaceful protesters
[ Amnesty International ] [ 08 Aug 2022 18:49 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan authorities must ensure that security forces do not use excessive force and will respect the rights of peaceful protesters. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis and the IMF
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 07 Aug 2022 09:00 GMT ]

It should also allow credible and independent investigations into corruption and support foreign governments to investigate, and if appropriate, return stolen assets hidden abroad. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Family Wins a Long Battle to Stay in Australia
[ The New York Times ] [ 06 Aug 2022 09:00 GMT ]

Rights groups say they do not expect Australian immigration policy to change significantly with its new government, but the decision raised hopes for a more tolerant approach. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: End Government Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 05 Aug 2022 10:20 GMT ]

The undersigned organizations are especially concerned about incidents of arrest, intimidation, raids and disinformation against protesters, including those perceived as leading the protests. [Full Story]

Gotabaya's ouster and Ranil Wickremesinghe's arrival - Challenges before the people of Sri Lanka
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 04 Aug 2022 23:45 GMT ]

Whether one likes it or not, this will be recorded in history as one of the popular uprisings that have taken place in many countries against authoritarian regimes and corruption. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka & Democracy
[ Colombo Telegraph ] [ 03 Aug 2022 20:44 GMT ]

Sri Lanka must wait for an 'educated' and 'decent' electorate to create a true democracy. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's new president: Can 'the fox' defy skeptics?
[ Nikkei Asia ] [ 02 Aug 2022 01:11 GMT ]

Wickremesinghe has outmaneuvered rivals - now comes the hard part. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Heightened Crackdown on Dissent
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 01 Aug 2022 23:55 GMT ]

'The people of Sri Lanka are reeling under an economic crisis that has plunged millions into food insecurity, the closure of schools, and shortages of medicine, fuel, and other necessities,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Impunity entrenched: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review: 42nd session of the UPR Working Group, 23 Jan�3 Feb 2023
[ Amnesty International ] [ 31 July 2022 23:45 GMT ]

It also assesses the national human rights framework regarding independent institutions, the Office on Missing Persons and the Prevention of Terrorism Act. [Full report PDF]

'A moment of opportunity': fall of Sri Lankan president raises victims' hopes
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 30 Jul 2022 09:40 GMT ]

Rights groups say they have a dossier of evidence against Gotabaya Rajapaksa - and a renewed appetite to bring him to account. [Full Story]

For Lanka, A Long Road to Democratic Reform Awaits
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 29 July 2022 19:30 GMT ]

Wickremesinghe's use of the army and police commandos and his appointment of several Rajapaksa loyalists to the cabinet have confirmed those doubts, raised tensions and appear to have quashed hopes of political reforms and accountability. [Full Story]

The Cultural Genocide of Tamils in Tamil Eelam - Sri Lanka
[ Counter Currents ] [ 28 Jul 2022 01:11 GMT ]

It is a universally accepted principle that people living in a democratic land should be treated as equals, irrespective of language, ethnic or religious differences. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Security Forces Assault Peaceful Protesters
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 27 July 2022 20:33 GMT ]

International partners should promote upholding rights with economic recovery aid. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Shameful, brutal assault on peaceful protestors must immediately stop
[ Amnesty International ] [ 26 July 2022 01:05 GMT ]

'Justice and accountability from the Sri Lankan authorities is the need of the hour as Sri Lanka looks towards stability ahead of an IMF bailout to address the economic crisis. [Full Story]

Submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Sri Lanka
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 25 July 2022 02:01 GMT ]

Human Rights Watch submits the following information regarding Sri Lanka�s implementation of recommendations accepted through its third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2017, and information about additional international obligations. [Full Story]

The Hope and Fear of the Sri Lankan Protest Movement
[ The New Yorker ] [ 24 July 2022 00:01 GMT ]

It could go in a progressive direction, of addressing the concerns of the people, further democratization, equality, and freedom in terms of inter-ethnic relations. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's multiple crises just came to a head
[ The Washington Post ] [ 23 July 2022 18:53 GMT ]

Can Wickremesinghe broker a bottom-up process of reconciliation and power-sharing between the country's various ethnic communities - as well as restructure the country's external debts and jump-start the economy? [Full Story]

[ TWG ] [ 22 July 2022 00:15 GMT ]

The current parliamentarians have no clue as to what is on the table with the IMF negotiations. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's former president must be investigated for war crimes
[ The Washington Post ] [ 21 July 2022 23:58 GMT ]

Over several decades, successive Sri Lankan governments have not provided victims of grave abuses with genuine avenues for justice. [Full Story]

Golden or Black July? - the Month of Destiny
[ Ground View ] [ 20 July 2022 21:00 GMT ]

The moment has come for not only one people but all peoples to challenge, resist and overcome the hegemony of a corrupt Third World elite who never served the people but only themselves, pitting the people against each other. [Full Story]

Bankrupt Sri Lanka begs diaspora to send cash
[ Arab News ] [ 19 July 2022 19:50 GMT ]

Economists say the crisis has been made worse by government mismanagement, years of accumulated borrowing and ill-advised tax cuts. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka presidential elections: Why India matters to the island nation's political future
[ BBC ] [ 18 July 2022 23:05 GMT ]

The island nation's minority Tamil population shares close cultural and ethnic links with people in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Uprising Forces Out a President but Leaves System in Crisis
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 17 July 2022 23:55 GMT ]

Should a future Sri Lankan government emerge that is committed to tackling impunity, pursuing the recovery of stolen assets and supporting a restructured state with more inclusive governance, the UN and foreign governments should offer targeted forms of support. [Full Story]

Deep reflection on Sri Lanka's tragic past is vital at this opportune moment of history in the making
[ GTF ] [ 16 July 2022 11:40 GMT ]

It is equally important that these reforms comprehensively address the long standing Tamil National Question through meaningful power devolution to the regions, so that no community would feel second class or threatened in their own country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Authorities must refrain from use of military to police protests
[ Amnesty International ] [ 15 July 2022 10:11 GMT ]

Amnesty calls upon law enforcement agencies to act with restraint to avoid further serious injury and loss of life. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Protect Rights During Political Turmoil
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 14 July 2022 17:25 GMT ]

'Sri Lanka's political leaders should use the transfer of power to address the acute economic, political, and human rights problems that have been the focus of months of peaceful protest,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: President Gotabaya Rajapaksa flees the country on military jet
[ BBC ] [ 13 July 2022 13:55 GMT ]

He is accused of human rights abuses during the war and also targeting those who dissented. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Why is the country in an economic crisis?
[ BBC ] [ 13 July 2022 12:02 GMT ]

As well as not being able to buy goods it needs from abroad, in May Sri Lanka failed to make an interest payment on its foreign debt for the first time in its history. [Full Story]

End of the line for Sri Lanka's 'Terminator' president
[ France24 ] [ 12 July 2022 23:55 GMT ]

He denied allegations that at least 40,000 minority Tamil civilians were killed by troops under his command during the closing months of the war. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Opposition leader ready to run for presidency
[ BBC ] [ 11 July 2022 23:15 GMT ]

This comes after his Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) party held talks with allies to get support for the move. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa faces 'terrible, massive protests' unless he quits
[ BBC ] [ 10 July 2022 22:58 GMT ]

'With people power, it's possible,' said Father Jeevantha. 'The international community and the Sri Lanka diaspora, they are ready to help. People are united and ready to make sacrifices. [Full Story]

Explained: Who are the Tamils of Moreh in Manipur?
[ The Indian Express ] [ 09 July 2022 19:45 GMT ]

Over the years, the Tamil community became one of the most influential communities in this border town, 110 km from the capital city of Imphal. [Full Story]

Lankan crisis a chance to ensure Tamils of due rights
[ DTNext ] [ 08 July 2022 23:44 GMT ]

The governments should work on the fact that help sent from India to the island was used not only for Tamils but also for Lankans. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: 'The family took over': how a feuding ruling dynasty drove Sri Lanka to ruin
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 07 July 2022 21:50 GMT ]

The inside story of Rajapaksa family infighting that toppled a country into violence and bankruptcy. [Full Story]

Proposal for Regional Governance in Sri Lanka
[ TWG ] [ 05 July 2022 12:22 GMT ]

China selectively devolved administrative responsibilities to Hong Kong and Macau while remaining as a unitary country. [Full Story]

Will an IMF package ease the pain for ordinary Lankans or make it worse?
[ The Hindu ] [ 04 July 2022 23:55 GMT ]

Help from the IMF comes with conditions attached, and they are not always what the recipient likes. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka scrambles for aid - but Australia still seems preoccupied by boats
[ The Conversation ] [ 03 July 2022 14:05 GMT ]

These are some of the poorest and most persecuted people in the country, fleeing from Tamil-majority areas ravaged by the civil war. [Full Story]

Cynthia Shanmugalingam's 'Rambutan' is a deeply personal tribute to Sri Lanka
[ The Independent ] [ 02 July 2022 22:38 GMT ]

Heavily inspired by her Tamil roots and summers spent exploring markets, milling spices and cooking over fire in her mother�s north Sri Lankan village. [Full Story]

No Tigers, Just Lions? The Evolution of Ethnic Democracy in Sri Lanka and Contemporary Challenges
[ Pakistan Christian Post ] [ 01 July 2022 22:10 GMT ]

This growing focus on ethnic difference over cultural similarity threatens the political and cultural diversity that has long characterized South Asia. [Full Story]

TNA leader says diaspora will only assist in Sri Lanka if Tamil question is solved
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 30 June 2022 11:25 GMT ]

R Sampanthan said that although the worldwide Tamil diaspora could contribute economically to alleviate the crisis in Sri Lanka, they would not do so unless the ethnic issue on the island is resolved once and for all. [Full Story]

Ontario court upholds Tamil Genocide Education Week proclamation
[ Toronto Star ] [ 29 June 2022 09:30 GMT ]

In quashing the claim by the Sinhalese applicants, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice said the 26-year-old civil war ravaged Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

South Asia Diary | Why are Lankan Tamils wary of protesting?
[ WION ] [ 28 June 2022 17:54 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's anti-government protests have paralysed most of the country. But in the Tamil-dominated north, the streets are relatively calm. [Full Story]

In Frames | Troubled waters
[ The Hindu ] [ 27 June 2022 15:21 GMT ]

From 2012, India has not granted the status of refugee to those arriving from Sri Lanka. As a result, these illegal migrants are now housed in 113 refugee camps in Tamil Nadu. [Full Story]

The heart of Sri Lankan cuisine at Serendib
[ New Straits Times ] [ 26 June 2022 18:15 GMT ]

The country was an important stop for foreign traders from Asia, Arabia, Africa and Europe because of her deep harbours and strategic location in the midst of the ancient Silk Road. [Full Story]

'I must stay strong': hardship for workers fleeing Sri Lanka's broken economy
[ The Guardian ] [ 25 June 2022 19:09 GMT ]

For many, leaving their country and their family behind to earn money overseas is the only option. [Full Story]

Discarded & Ignored Human Rights Council�s Resolutions By Defiant Sri Lanka
[ Colombo Telegraph ] [ 24 June 2022 11:07 GMT ]

The Commissioner of Human Rights 'called on Sri Lanka to focus on deeper institutional reforms to ensure greater transparency and accountability in governance, reduce inequalities and advance reconciliation and justice for all communities'. [Full Story]

Life after this Death?
[ Ground Views ] [ 23 June 2022 22:45 GMT ]

Acolyte monks and acolyte businessmen are key props of Rajapaksa power. [Full Story]

The Meltdown of Divided Sri Lanka and the Urgent Need of Solving Tamil Question
[ TWG Editorial ] [ 22 June 2022 14:05 GMT ]

The way forward to break free from this quagmire is to deliver the final political solutions to Tamils with a federal state in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Then, the Tamils will invest billions of dollars not only to pay its huge debt, but also invest to bring prosperity for all in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: 'We want justice, not fuel': Sri Lanka�s Tamils on north-south divide
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 22 June 2022 09:10 GMT ]

In a protest that has gone on for more than 3,000 days, dozens of wives and mothers have sat in a camp outside the local administrative offices, demanding the return of their loved ones or answers as to where they are. [Full Story]

Who caused today's crisis in Sri Lanka?
[ SL Guardian ] [ 21 June 2022 23:45 GMT ]

The protracted war resulted in so many human losses and so much economic damage to individuals in the island. [Full Story]

Unresolved national question impaired Sri Lanka's economic progress: Sampanthan
[ The Hindu ] [ 20 June 2022 07:12 GMT ]

Addressing Sri Lanka�s Tamil national question is imperative for the island nation's recovery from the crushing economic crisis it is facing. The unresolved issue had proved a major impediment for the country's economic progress since Independence. [Full Story]

As global food crisis looms, Sri Lanka offers a cautionary tale
[ France24 ] [ 19 June 2022 22:59 GMT ]

The Rajapaksas cast themselves as legendary heroes pitted against 'terrorists' and 'extremists' from minority groups, including the Hindu Tamils and a minority Muslim community. [Full Story]

In pictures: At the edge of India in Dhanuskodi
[ Telegraph India ] [ 18 June 2022 00:45 GMT ]

This popular ghost town with ruins, adventurous roadways and scenic waterfronts in Pamban Island has a captivating and catastrophic history. [Full Story]

Tamil Eelam - Tamil Nadu links draw closer as flight and ferries set to resume
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 17 June 2022 00:05 GMT ]

'Better connectivity and improved travel facilities could help remove the remaining layers of mistrust that has constrained the India-Sri Lanka partnership from realising its full potential.' [Full Story]

Sri Lankan govt targets families of victims of 'enforced disappearance'
[ The Week ] [ 16 June 2022 19:30 GMT ]

Amnesty International said families of those who participated in demonstrations seeking justice for their loved ones were facing harassment, torture and repeated interrogation. [Full Story]

Book: The Unspeakable Truth - the poignant history of Tamils in Sri Lanka after independence
[ BTF ] [ 15 June 2022 12:44 GMT ]

It catalogues the Sri Lankan Tamils� descent from a once thriving vibrant Nation to one that is today fighting for its very survival. [Book PDF]

Tamil Diaspora says will help SL pay off foreign debt of $52b, if SL agrees to amicable separation
[ Daily FT ] [ 08 June 2022 00:05 GMT ]

There are two million Tamils from Sri Lanka who proudly call them Eelam Tamils and live in foreign countries. Most of them are financially well-off, highly educated, and well trained and experienced in various fields. [Full Story]

Moving Towards True Reconciliation
[ Ground Views ] [ 07 June 2022 18:45 GMT ]

The civil war, its antecedent events and its aftermath have robbed us of much as a nation: life, limb, blood, innocence, trust ... the list goes on. Let it not also rob us of our humanity. [Full Story]

Many nations vie for a piece of Sri Lanka's Trincomalee port project. Here's why
[ India Today ] [ 06 June 2022 23:55 GMT ]

Trincomalee is a region in Sri Lanka that is heavily influenced by the Tamil culture and the name itself is the anglicised form of the Tamil word. [Full Story]

We expect justice from the international community - Tamil families of the disappeared
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 05 June 2022 22:49 GMT ]

Tamil families of the disappeared criticised the international community's response to their struggle to find justice for their loved ones. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Rebel Wife: A woman's search for her missing husband
[ Aljazeera ] [ 04 June 2022 23:39 GMT ]

Ananthy searches for answers about the disappearance of her Tamil Tiger husband after the Sri Lankan civil war. [Full Story]

How populism led to the crisis in Sri Lanka - and why the youth movement gives reason to hope
[ Toronto Star ] [ 03 June 2022 23:10 GMT ]

If there is one silver lining from this crisis, it is that both Tamil and Sinhalese youth are working together to eject their corrupt leaders. [Full Story]

PM Modi visits Tamil Nadu, BJP eyes building trust with Tamils
[ New Delhi Times ] [ 02 June 2022 10:14 GMT ]

PM Modi has successfully offset the past baggage to build a large bank of goodwill and allay the misgivings of Tamilians at large. [Full Story]

[ IRAP ] [ 01 June 2022 23:00 GMT ]

Mr. Kulas fled his home in Sri Lanka to escape multiple attempts by the Sri Lankan army to kidnap, torture, and murder him, and was safely resettled as a refugee in the United States in 2018. [Full Story]

House of Commons passes Scarborough MP's resolution, recognizing genocide
[ Toronto Star ] [ 31 May 2022 19:18 GMT ]

May 18 marked in Canada as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day. The war sent thousands of Tamils from Sri Lanka to Canada as refugees. [Full Story]

Sinhalisation continues as Sri Lankan army helps construct Buddhist shrine in Tamil area of Muttur
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 30 May 2022 19:30 GMT ]

A new Buddhist vihara is being constructed in Muttur, a majority Tamil speaking area, with the aid of Sri Lanka's army. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Austerity for the masses, impunity for the robbers
[ Greenleft ] [ 29 May 2022 17:42 GMT ]

The loan-seeking PM is avoiding the issue of the president�s resignation, and the retrieval of all the public money stolen under the Rajapaksa regime, which the protesters are demanding. [Full Story]

1,906 days of struggle and still no justice
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 28 May 2022 23:55 GMT ]

'The culture of impunity continues in Sri Lanka'. 'We only expect international accountability and justice, justice for genocide is necessary'. [Full Story]

Revisiting the Jaffna Public Library
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 27 May 2022 22:58 GMT ]

The Jaffna Municipal Council-operated Jaffna Public Library was built in 1933 and burned down in 1981. It was one of Asia's most important libraries, with over 97,000 books and manuscripts. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: The stranded state
[ Frontline ] [ 26 May 2022 17:15 GMT ]

The island has faced a series of misfortunes - the wrath of a 26-year-long civil war, a devastating tsunami, the Easter bombings of 2018, the spread of COVID-19, and now the economic crisis. [Full Story]

13 years too late: As ethnic fault lines blur, what it means for Sri Lankan Tamils
[ The Federal ] [ 25 May 2022 15:09 GMT ]

Already scarred by the ravages of the war, she grew up waiting for 'some sort of closure' for her community - the Sri Lankan Tamils. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka defaults on debt for first time in its history
[ BBC ] [ 24 May 2022 11:45 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is seeking to restructure debts of more than $50bn it owes to foreign creditors, to make it more manageable to repay. [Full Story]

TAMIL NADU - Sri Lankan PM thanks Stalin for sending aid
[ The Hindu ] [ 23 May 2022 16:22 GMT ]

The consignment was flagged off from Chennai port by Mr. Stalin recently. 'This is also the first consignment under a larger $16 million commitment of 40,000 MT of rice, 500 MT of milk powder and medicines by Government of Tamil Nadu,' the release said. [Full Story]

Biloela family to return to central Queensland, Tamil Refugee Council calls for Labor to do more
[ ABC ] [ 22 May 2022 19:44 GMT ]

The family's legal battle for protection has dominated headlines and polarised the public and politicians for four years. [Full Story]

Tamil family sheds 'happy tears' as Labor win paves path home to Biloela
[ Brisbane Times ] [ 21 May 2022 23:05 GMT ]

The Tamil asylum seekers at the centre of a years-long grassroots campaign to save them from deportation to Sri Lanka will be going home to the small central Queensland town of Biloela. [Full Story]

Poor families in northern Sri Lanka flee to India to avoid hunger
[ WSWS ] [ 20 May 2022 11:25 GMT ]

Residents of Sri Lanka's North and East, who are still struggling with devastation of the 26-year bloody communal war that ended in May 2009, have been hard hit by the unprecedented economic crisis sweeping the country. [Full Story]

Cannes Film Festival: India-Australia joint venture, The Laugh of Lakshmi, announced
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 19 May 2022 23:55 GMT ]

The Laugh of Lakshmi is a story of a mother and son separated by war in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

As Sri Lanka's Tamils Remember War Dead, Justice Remains Elusive
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 May 2022 21:15 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's foreign partners, who are working to address the economic crisis, need to remember that steps towards lasting stability won't succeed without protecting rights and addressing past abuses. [Full Story]

Asylum seekers stuck on Diego Garcia start hunger strike
[ Aljazeera ] [ 17 May 2022 22:59 GMT ]

Most of the group are seeking guarantees from the UK government that they will not be repatriated to Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka down to last day of petrol, new prime minister says
[ BBC ] [ 16 May 2022 14:05 GMT ]

Mr Wickremesinghe, who was appointed prime minister last Thursday, said the country's central bank would have to print money to help meet the government's wage bill and other commitments. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Rights under attack during economic crisis
[ Amnesty International ] [ 15 May 2022 01:25 GMT ]

The authorities must uphold human rights to freedom of movement, liberty and security of person. [Full Story]

How the Rajapaksa family wrecked Sri Lanka
[ The Washington Post ] [ 14 May 2022 02:03 GMT ]

It's people demanding accountability for corruption, demanding basic rights to dignity,' [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: New Emergency regulations and shooting orders threaten human rights
[ Amnesty International ] [ 13 May 2022 15:05 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has a history of human rights violations implicating the Military, including custodial torture under consecutive emergency situations in the past. This pattern of violations of human rights must end. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Government Backers Attack Peaceful Protesters
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 12 May 2022 10:35 GMT ]

'In recent weeks, thousands of Sri Lankans have peacefully protested against corruption and called for accountable governance and respect for human rights,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

How Sri Lanka spiralled into crisis and what happens next
[ Aljazeera ] [ 11 May 2022 14:05 GMT ]

The South Asian island nation is experiencing an unprecedented economic collapse that has pushed the government into a deep crisis. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka protests: Leaders under pressure as anger at economic crisis boils over
[ BBC ] [ 11 May 2022 14:01 GMT ]

How the family, who have dominated Sri Lankan politics for years, overcome this crisis is now an open question. [Full Story]

Why are Sri Lankans protesting in the streets?
[ BBC ] [ 10 May 2022 16:00 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's government has racked up $51bn (�39bn) in foreign debt. This year, it will be required to pay $7bn (�5.4bn) to service these debts, with similar amounts for years to come. [Full Story]

Ukraine war: The stolen faces used to promote Vladimir Putin
[ BBC ] [ 09 May 2022 23:25 GMT ]

Twitter removed 11 out of 12 accounts specifically flagged by the BBC for using other people's pictures, including this one of Indian actress. [Full Story]

The rise and fall of a political dynasty that brought Sri Lanka to its knees
[ France24 ] [ 08 May 2022 23:55 GMT ]

Their successors will inherit the mess, leaving space for the Rajapaksas to remain politically relevant." [Full Story]

Adoration turns to anger towards crisis-hit Sri Lanka's ruling clan
[ France24 ] [ 07 May 2022 22:35 GMT ]

Thousands of protestors have been camped outside the president's office in Colombo for weeks demanding his resignation. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka President declares a state of emergency
[ The Hindu ] [ 06 May 2022 19:38 GMT ]

Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Friday declared a state of emergency giving security forces sweeping powers for the second time in five weeks to deal with escalating anti-government protests. [Full Story]

Pfizer opens global drug development centre on IIT-M Research Park campus
[ The Hindu ] [ 05 May 2022 11:20 GMT ]

This is the company's first such facility in Asia. [Full Story]

'Our protest is not similar to yours' - Tamil families of the disappeared want justice, not food
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 04 May 2022 18:05 GMT ]

'We have been struggling for the enforced disappearances for the last 13 years,' she continued, referring to the massacres that took place at the end of the armed conflict in 2009. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Police Fire on Protesters
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 03 May 2022 12:10 GMT ]

Use of Lethal Force Results in at Least 1 Dead, More Than a Dozen Wounded. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka profile - Timeline
[ BBC ] [ 02 May 2022 19:22 GMT ]

1972 - Ceylon becomes a republic and changes its name to Sri Lanka. Buddhism is given primary place as the country's religion, further antagonising Tamil minority. [Full Story]

Global Summit of Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals in London, UK: 5th to 7th May 2022
[ Tamil Rise ] [ 01 May 2022 14:00 GMT ]

Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from seventy plus countries are gathering in London for shared prosperity between 5th & 7th May 2022. Tickets at the entrance of Hotel Grand Sapphire, 45 Imperial Way, Croydon, Greater London CR0 4RR. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka crisis: One killed after police fire live bullets at protesters
[ BBC ] [ 20 Apr 2022 13:27 GMT ]

It comes as the nation is grappling with its worst economic crisis since independence from Britain in 1948. [Full Story]

Lankans are making history by bloodlessly bringing an autocracy to its knees
[ FT Lanka ] [ 19 Apr 2022 23:55 GMT ]

It is now evident that they never even had a plan to effectively govern this country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Economic Meltdown Triggers Popular Uprising and Political Turmoil
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 18 Apr 2022 19:15 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is embroiled in nationwide protests amid deepening economic woes and increasing political volatility. [Full Story]

Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Beleaguered Sri Lanka leader appoints new cabinet
[ BBC ] [ 17 Apr 2022 21:05 GMT ]

He had called on the opposition to join a unity government but they refused. [Full Story]

Global Summit of Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals
[ Tamil Rise ] [ 16 Apr 2022 07:00 GMT ]

Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from seventy plus countries are gathering in London for shared prosperity between 5th & 7th May 2022. [Full Report PDF]

What's happening in Sri Lanka and how did the economic crisis start?
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 15 Apr 2022 20:25 GMT ]

Many believe Sri Lanka's economic relations with China are a main driver behind the crisis. The United States has called this phenomenon 'debt-trap diplomacy'. [Full Story]

New Year dawns at protest site for many Sri Lankans
[ The Hindu ] [ 14 Apr 2022 09:00 GMT ]

Scores of Sri Lankans on Thursday marked Sinhala and Tamil New Year at their agitation site in Colombo, as they relentlessly protest the Rajapaksa government�s 'failed response' to the country's crushing economic depression. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Authorities must respect peoples� right to protest
[ Amnesty International ] [ 13 Apr 2022 22:30 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan authorities must not use unnecessary or excessive force to disperse protesters who are suffering the consequences of an economic crisis that is spiraling out of control. [Full Story]

Why are Sri Lankans protesting in the streets?
[ BBC ] [ 12 Apr 2022 19:55 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's central bank has announced it will have to stop making payments on its huge foreign debt burden because it is so short of foreign currency. [Full Story]

IMF/Sri Lanka: Address Economic Rights, Corruption in Loans
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 11 Apr 2022 10:28 GMT ]

Any future International Monetary Fund (IMF) program in Sri Lanka should protect the human rights of low-income people, and address corruption and entrenched obstacles to the rule of law, Human Rights Watch said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka softens 'terror' law after EU trade pressure
[ Al Jazeera ] [ 29 Mar 2022 19:15 GMT ]

The EU last year warned that the island nation could again lose its generalised system of preferences (GSP Plus) designation if Colombo did not improve its rights record. [Full Story]

Apple CEO Tim Cook lauds 40 students for displaying Tamil Nadu's culture using iPhone 13 mini
[ You Tube ] [ 28 Mar 2022 15:45 GMT ]

Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised 40 Tamil Nadu students. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Changes to Abusive Security Law Superficial
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 27 Mar 2022 10:20 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government has attempted to dodge growing international pressure to end abuses under its notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) by rushing cosmetic amendments through parliament this week. [Full Story]

Tamils fear prison and torture in Sri Lanka, 13 years after civil war ended
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 26 Mar 2022 11:55 GMT ]

'Under the present government the situation for Tamils is getting much worse,' [Full Story]

Know how Chinese dragon swallowed Sri Lanka?
[ India Herald ] [ 25 Mar 2022 23:10 GMT ]

Recently some Sri Lankan tamil citizens have come to india leaving their country by boat, risking their lives. Protests against the government are increasing in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu govt will handle Sri Lankan Tamils' return legally, says CM Stalin
[ The Indian Express ] [ 24 Mar 2022 23:52 GMT ]

'The Tamil Nadu government will strive to ensure a new dawn to the Lankan Tamils,' he assured. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa seeks cooperation from Tamil leaders to 'rebuild the country'
[ The Print ] [ 23 Mar 2022 19:00 GMT ]

The TNA wants full devolution under the 13th Amendment as the central governments have over the years shown reluctance to meet the demand for police and land powers to the provinces. [Full Story]

Refugee calls for improved visa support after incredible journey from war-torn Sri Lanka to central west NSW
[ ABC ] [ 22 Mar 2022 22:49 GMT ]

Ten years after arriving in Australia from war-torn Sri Lanka, Tamil refugee Jaganthan Thankavel says the visa process means he and his family still can't properly settle. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu government in touch with Centre to legally handle influx of Sri Lankan refugees, says CM
[ Scroll.in ] [ 21 Mar 2022 23:48 GMT ]

'I have been closely working with Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees, who fled the ethnic conflict in the 1990s,' Tiphagne said. [Full Story]

Fleeing genocide, torture and now an economic crisis - Tamil refugees arrive in India
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 20 Mar 2022 23:57 GMT ]

For decades Eelam Tamils have fled Sri Lanka, amidst years of human rights abuses, violence from the security forces and impunity for crimes. However, the current economic crisis has now added to the burden. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Commentary on the Prevention of Terrorism Act Amendment Bill
[ Amnesty International ] [ 19 Mar 2022 19:55 GMT ]

The bill requires substantial amendment beyond what has already been determined by the Sri Lankan Supreme Court as going against the Sri Lankan Constitution, to bring it in line with international law and standards. [Full Report]

Sri Lankan Tamils flee to India as economic crisis engulfs island nation
[ The Federal News ] [ 18 Mar 2022 22:51 GMT ]

Authorities in India expect more Sri Lankan Tamils to arrive, with one report quoting intelligence sources as saying �around 2,000 refugees' are likely to come in the coming weeks. [Full Story]

Negombo Fishermen's Tamil: A unique Tamil dialect survived among a fishing community
[ Scroll.in ] [ 17 Mar 2022 21:35 GMT ]

Wherever you go in Sri Lanka, you will find Tamil. Its status as one of the official languages means it is on the currency, official signage and ... [Full Story]

Tied with ropes, slept in toilet: Tamil fishermen recall Lankan prison horrors
[ The Federal News ] [ 16 Mar 2022 14:30 GMT ]

A group of fishermen from Tamil Nadu who were released from the jails of Sri Lanka recently relived the horrors of prison life and inhuman treatment meted out to them by Lankan prison officials. [Full Story]

Vaiko wants Sri Lanka to pay compensation to kin of 800 Tamil Nadu fishermen killed by Sri Lanka Navy
[ Times of India ] [ 15 Mar 2022 23:25 GMT ]

Around 800 Tamil Nadu fishermen have been killed by the Sri Lankan navy over the last four decades. [Full Story]

United Nations accuses Sri Lanka of war crimes
[ Asia News ] [ 14 Mar 2022 19:20 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government fears that the arrest of a suspect near London could lead to the detention of current military officers and government officials. [Full Story]

A taste of Yalpanam
[ New Indian Express ] [ 13 Mar 2022 23:40 GMT ]

A group of Sri Lankan Tamil refugee women offer an authentic experience of Eelam cuisine through Yalpanam by Serendip [Full Story]

Wounds of Sri Lanka's civil war remain impossible to heal
[ France24 ] [ 12 Mar 2022 11:28 GMT ]

In the former war zone in the northeast, tens of thousands of women have lost their husbands in the conflict - many confirmed dead, many others still missing. [Full Story]

Targeted Sanctions Against Credibly Alleged Perpetrators Of Grave Human Rights Violations and Abuses
[ BTF ] [ 11 Mar 2022 12:00 GMT ]

We would appreciate and extend our sincere support to minimise the suffering of the Ukrainian people on humanitarian grounds. [Full Story]

Rising Tensions in Palk Bay Over Fishing Rights
[ The Diplomat ] [ 10 Mar 2022 17:58 GMT ]

Hundreds of Indian fishermen have been arrested, tortured and even killed in the India-Sri Lanka conflict over fishing grounds in the past decade. [Full Story]

Mothers of Missing Tamils in Sri Lanka Wish Good Luck to the Ukrainian People, Especially to the Ukraine Mothers
[ Tamil Diaspora News ] [ 09 Mar 2022 16:05 GMT ]

Since the international community ignored the injustices that happened to Tamils in Sri Lanka and did not hold the Sri Lankan government or military accountable, it gave all other oppressors and aggressors a green light to do what they want to do. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan government tables sham amendments to draconian anti-terrorism law
[ WSWS ] [ 08 Mar 2022 18:45 GMT ]

Colombo systematically employed it in its anti-Tamil provocations that preceded the nearly 30-year brutal war. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka cardinal seeks UN probe into Easter massacre
[ France24 ] [ 07 Mar 2022 16:20 GMT ]

'However, subsequent investigations indicate that this massacre was part of a grand political plot.' [Full Story]

Everything you need to know about Sri Lanka before you come
[ Lonely Planet ] [ 06 Mar 2022 19:18 GMT ]

Tourists are less common in Jaffna and the north where a distinct Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu culture predominates. [Full Story]

At UNHRC, India urges Sri Lanka for steps to address legitimate aspirations of Tamil community
[ The Print ] [ 05 Mar 2022 10:01 GMT ]

'India believes that it is in Sri Lanka�s own interest that the expectations of Tamils in Sri Lanka for equality, justice, peace and dignity, within a united Sri Lanka, are fulfilled. [Full Story]

Tamil Political Parties in Sri Lanka Jointly Call for Referendum for Permanent Political Solution to the Ethnic Conflict
[ Tamil Political Parties ] [ 04 Mar 2022 11:45 GMT ]

Repeated mass killings of Tamils amounting to genocide is due to lack of permanent political solution to the protracted ethic conflict" [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: UN Report Describes Alarming Rights Situation
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 03 Mar 2022 17:00 GMT ]

'The Sri Lankan government has responded to international scrutiny of its rights record with a false and misleading public relations offensive,' said Meenakshi Ganguly. [Full Story]

'No one's coming to save us': Indian students in Kharkiv
[ BBC ] [ 02 Mar 2022 12:36 GMT ]

'It's been six days since we have slept or ate properly. There is the sound of explosions piercing our ears... my friend is wheezing and even the pharmacy hasn't opened to give her medicine.' [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Still no answers: An update on the rights of victims of enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka
[ Amnesty International ] [ 01 Mar 2022 19:45 GMT ]

'Wrongdoers have to be punished. There is no accountability for them locally. Therefore bringing us justice falls on the international community.' [Full Report]

Britain presses Sri Lanka on 'truth, justice and reconciliation'
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 28 Feb 2022 20:15 GMT ]

His meeting follows a damning report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, which raised alarm over the 'lack of accountability for past human rights violations and recognition of victims' rights in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Cleansing Sri Lanka of ethnonationalism
[ Daily FT ] [ 27 Feb 2022 23:50 GMT ]

A new foundation of civic nationalism with liberal democracy in which every Sri Lankan, be she/he Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher or whatever group or religion must have the same rights and obligations expected of any citizen. [Full Story]

Met Police war crimes detectives arrest man in UK over 2000 murder of journalist in Sri Lanka
[ The Independent UK ] [ 26 Feb 2022 17:30 GMT ]

War crimes detectives from the Metropolitan Police have arrested a man in the UK in connection with the murder of one of the most esteemed journalists in Sri Lanka during its decades-long civil conflict. [Police Report]

Troubled waters: On India-Sri Lanka fishing conflict
[ The Hindu ] [ 25 Feb 2022 23:45 GMT ]

They should also facilitate the resumption of talks at the level of fisherfolk, especially from Tamil Nadu and the Northern Province. [Full Story]

UN for foreign prosecutions for Sri Lanka
[ New Age ] [ 24 Feb 2022 22:55 GMT ]

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet made the comments a day after British police announced the first overseas arrest over war crimes allegations in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Tamil legislators protest government's 'land grabbing' in Northern Province
[ The Week ] [ 23 Feb 2022 23:44 GMT ]

They argue that the Sri Lankan government, which is predominantly Sinhalese majority, is attempting to marginalise the country�s Tamils. [Full Story]

Diaspora investment in Mullaitivu, Mullai Milk Processing Industries
[ LBO ] [ 22 Feb 2022 12:50 GMT ]

Advise on who wants what, how to gain market access and help build channels. Help make connections between suppliers in the North and customers overseas. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Joint NGO Statement in Solidarity with Sri Lankan Human Rights Defender Ambika Satkunanathan
[ Amnesty International ] [ 21 Feb 2022 00:15 GMT ]

Instead of trying to silence those who seek to defend human rights, the government should give serious consideration to their input and contributions, and take urgent action to ensure that they can work in a safe environment without fear of reprisals. [Full Story]

Lankan Tamil organizations hail Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin
[ News In Asia ] [ 20 Feb 2022 09:00 GMT ]

It has not even been a year since Hon. M. K. Stalin became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, yet the mark that the DMK leader has made in his state and among Tamils worldwide is unmistakable. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: End the use of and repeal the draconian PTA
[ Amnesty International ] [ 19 Feb 2022 17:05 GMT ]

43 years since it was first passed as a temporary measure, the draconian PTA continues to be used by the Government of Sri Lanka to target, and harass minorities, activists, journalists and critical voices. [Full Report]

Sri Lanka's archbishop speaks out against activist's arrest
[ ABC News ] [ 18 Feb 2022 07:55 GMT ]

Activist Gamage was forcibly taken away from his home by plain clothed men, who were later identified as police, on Monday evening. [Full Story]

Armed attack on well-known Sri Lankan TV journalist's home
[ Reporters Without Borders ] [ 17 Feb 2022 18:22 GMT ]

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls for an independent investigation into an attack by armed men on the home of well-known Sri Lankan TV journalist Chamuditha Samarawickrama. [Full Story]

HRW: EU must step up pressure on Sri Lanka to reform its controversial counter-terrorism laws
[ Jurist ] [ 16 Feb 2022 11:08 GMT ]

HRW hopes that the EU can leverage the benefits offered by its trading scheme to pressure the Sri Lankan government into finally fulfilling that promise. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan govt misusing Prevention of Terrorism Act against Tamil, Muslim communities: Rights group
[ ANI News ] [ 15 Feb 2022 07:55 GMT ]

The rights group said the European Union, other trading partners, and donors, should press for time-bound action to repeal the abusive law and reject the government's proposed amendments, which would not end widespread abuses. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Support for Rights Defender
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 14 Feb 2022 20:45 GMT ]

Instead of trying to silence those who seek to defend human rights, the government should give serious consideration to their input and contributions, and take urgent action to ensure that they can work in a safe environment without fear of reprisals. [Full Story]

The death of a book
[ Mid-Day ] [ 13 Feb 2022 15:55 GMT ]

Westland's closure will be both, a 'creative and personal tragedy' for her. [Full Story]

Tamil Solidarity protest against repressive Sri Lankan regime
[ Socialist Party ] [ 12 Feb 2022 01:35 GMT ]

Tamil Solidarity stands for the full right to self-determination, including separation. [Full Story]

Indo-Lankan relations begin to be grounded in realities
[ News In Asia ] [ 11 Feb 2022 02:20 GMT ]

From 1983, for about 30 years, the question of the political rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils bedevilled India-Lanka relations. [Full Story]

The same old act
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 10 Feb 2022 19:14 GMT ]

The wanton use of the act - including its targeting of Tamils and Muslims, the arbitrary nature of detention, the almost routine reports of torture and the drawn out judicial process - is a marker of the problems inherent within the Sri Lankan state. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Interests Best Served By Peace for Tamils: S Jaishankar
[ HW News ] [ 09 Feb 2022 17:45 GMT ]

The ministers agreed on early finalisation of several agreements and MoUs in areas of defence, culture and education, which are pending between the two countries. [Full Story]

'In a Legal Black Hole' - Sri Lanka's Failure to Reform the Prevention of Terrorism Act
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 08 Feb 2022 10:00 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) has been used for over 40 years to enable prolonged arbitrary detention, to extract false confessions through torture, and to target minority communities and civil society groups. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Grave Abuses Under Discredited Law
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 07 Feb 2022 17:10 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government is using the discredited Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to commit prolonged arbitrary detention and torture, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka court orders release of lawyer held for two years
[ Aljazeera ] [ 06 Feb 2022 22:04 GMT ]

Monday's decision comes just weeks before his case was due to be discussed at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, according to diplomats. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka needs to save its economy from China's debt-trap policy: Report
[ DT Next ] [ 05 Feb 2022 23:58 GMT ]

In an analytical piece, Global Strat View on Sunday said Sri Lanka's financial crisis is leading to a humanitarian crisis that could ultimately push the country into bankruptcy. [Full Story]

Online rally demands Tamil self-determination
[ Green Left ] [ 04 Feb 2022 23:49 GMT ]

He called on the international community to: refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court, to be tried for the crime of genocide; to recognise the north and east of Sri Lanka as the Tamil homeland and the right of the Tamil nation to self-determination. [Full Story]

Advocacy group calls on Sri Lanka to repeal 'anti-terror' law
[ Aljazeera ] [ 03 Feb 2022 19:55 GMT ]

The International Commission of Jurists said the proposed amendments to the Prevention of Terrorism Act were 'woefully inadequate'. [Full Story]

[ Sri Lanka Campaign ] [ 02 Feb 2022 22:05 GMT ]

An overview of the reconciliation, human rights, and accountability situation in Sri Lanka in 2021, in relation to the ten issues of concern raised by UN Human Rights Council Resolution 46/1. [Full Report]

Sri Lanka: The Prevention of Terrorism Act cannot be reformed; it must be repealed
[ International Commission of Jurists ] [ 01 Feb 2022 18:45 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan Government must repeal the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act, as a new set of proposed reforms are woefully inadequate and overlook the most egregious provisions of the legislation, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) said today. [Full Story]

Commemorating Tamil Oppression Day
[ Red Flag ] [ 31 Jan 2022 17:10 GMT ]

Merging the Tamil and Sinhalese homelands together in 1883, the British imposed a unitary state over the entire territory, consolidating historically distinct ethnic and cultural kingdoms into one. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Tamil Party Letter To Modi: Anomalies And Absurdities � OpEd
[ Eurasia View ] [ 30 Jan 2022 21:25 GMT ]

Although the letter stated that the signatories are committed to a solution based on federal principles, it imparts the impression that they have accepted the provincial councils as the solution. [Full Story]

We will continue fighting for truth, justice and accountability - All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils annual report
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 29 Jan 2022 12:58 GMT ]

British ministers and MPs renewed their commitment to 'fighting for truth, justice and accountability for Tamils' whilst highlighting the ongoing abuses suffered by those in Sri Lanka. [Full Report]

Lanka's frantic efforts to please the West ahead of the UNHRC session
[ News In Asia ] [ 28 Jan 2022 20:50 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government has been making frantic efforts to meet the expectations of the Western countries on the human rights issue in the country, ahead of the February-March session of the UNHRC in Geneva. [Full Story]

Human Rights Watch - World Report 2022 - Sri Lanka
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 27 Jan 2022 10:45 GMT ]

In March 2021, the UN Human Rights Council, responding to continuing abuses and the failure of accountability in Sri Lanka, mandated the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to collect and prepare evidence of grave crimes for use in future prosecutions. [Full Story]

China's bare-chested turn to Sri Lankan Tamils is India's new headache
[ The Print ] [ 26 Jan 2022 18:15 GMT ]

The attempts to escalate the bilateral dispute with India have followed China's unprecedented outreach among the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil family receive a lifeline in their fight to remain in Australia - but they could still be deported back to Sri Lanka later this year
[ Daily Mail UK ] [ 25 Jan 2022 22:02 GMT ]

Ms Cameron cited an International Truth and Justice Project 2021 report that said Tamil people are 'still being abducted and tortured' by Sri Lankan security forces. [Full Story]

Posturing in Sri Lanka for the March UNHRC session
[ News In Asia ] [ 24 Jan 2022 12:35 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government is expecting censure following the report of Human Rights Watch for 2021. And the Tamil side is worried as the international community may, as in the past, not walk the talk. [Full Story]

Light at the end of tunnel for Sri Lankan refugees
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 23 Jan 2022 08:55 GMT ]

The need of the hour is a humane approach. [Full Story]

Beyond the Accord and beyond India's reach
[ News In Asia ] [ 22 Jan 2022 17:02 GMT ]

New Delhi cannot brush aside the Tamil Nadu factor. In the months and years to come, New Delhi will have to walk the tight rope on the Lankan Tamil issue. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan army 'restores' another stupa as Sinhalisation in East intensifies |
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 21 Jan 2022 09:50 GMT ]

The project is the latest in a series of Sinhalisation projects that have targeted the East of the Tamil homeland. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's leader vows rights reforms as debt crisis looms
[ Toronto Star ] [ 20 Jan 2022 08:34 GMT ]

According to initial U.N. estimates, about 100,000 people were killed in the quarter-century civil war. Another U.N. expert panel later said about 40,000 ethnic Tamil civilians may have been killed in just the last few months of fighting. [Full Story]

Visiting UK minister gets wakeup call from Tamil mothers
[ JDS Lanka ] [ 19 Jan 2022 18:15 GMT ]

'Do you really think this government is going to engage seriously with the past through the Geneva process? We want the UK government to help us achieve justice using universal jurisdiction cases as Germany did for the Syrians'. [Full Story]

India builds a thousand houses for Tamil farmworkers
[ Asia News ] [ 18 Jan 2022 20:14 GMT ]

More than a thousand houses were donated to Tamil farmworkers of Indian descent who work on plantations in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Colombo Port City: A new Dubai or a Chinese enclave?
[ BBC ] [ 17 Jan 2022 18:00 GMT ]

Only China has long-term ambitions - and deep pockets. [Full Story]

British lawmakers and Tamils celebrate Pongal in Westminster
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 16 Jan 2022 20:52 GMT ]

'We will always stand by you in your pursuit of justice!' said Siobhain McDonaugh, MP for Mitcham and Morden. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Minorities, Activists Targeted
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 15 Jan 2022 12:50 GMT ]

In June the European Parliament passed a resolution deploring the Sri Lankan government's intensifying repression. [Full Story]

Pongal 2022 message from the Prime Minister Rt Hon Boris Johnson PC MP
[ 10 Downing Street ] [ 14 Jan 2022 09:19 GMT ]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wishes the UK Tamil community, and Tamils around the world a happy Thai Pongal. [Full Story]

Human Rights Watch sees all-round deterioration in Sri Lanka
[ News In Asia ] [ 13 Jan 2022 23:39 GMT ]

The Human Rights Watch's latest report on Sri Lanka comes down heavily on the rights record of the government of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. It observes serious deficiencies in every sphere. [Full Story]

Discrimination and harassment haunt Sri Lanka's Muslims
[ BBC ] [ 12 Jan 2022 23:11 GMT ]

They say further trouble can be prevented only when Buddhist nationalism is reined in. [Full Story]

Sudha Bharadwaj: The prison life of India's best-known woman activist
[ BBC ] [ 11 Jan 2022 19:52 GMT ]

But it was her three-decade-long work providing legal aid to the poor that made her a shining beacon of hope for many in the fight for justice. [Full Story]

Religious Revival In China: Ups And Downs - Analysis
[ Eurasia Review ] [ 10 Jan 2022 19:10 GMT ]

Though religions have huge and growing followings in China now, they are not allowed to dictate policies to the government. [Full Story]

Indian Christians fear attacks or jail over conversions
[ BBC ] [ 09 Jan 2022 11:35 GMT ]

Archbishop Machado says that the attacks and the discourse around the bill are clearly aimed at Christians. [Full Story]

TWG Editorial: Calling All Tamil Youth to Embrace Tamil Belongingness as a Distinct Community
[ TWG Editorial ] [ 08 Jan 2022 14:30 GMT ]

In our diverse society, we must keep our identity with pride. We don't have to move heaven and earth to safeguard our cultural identity - There is a saying, 'Be a Roman when in Rome.' Let's be British or Canadian or American or European whilst being a Tamil at home! [Full Story]

HISTORY | The Ceylon Tamils connection
[ Malaysiakini ] [ 07 Jan 2022 23:50 GMT ]

Each ethnic group has made its own contribution towards nation-building, and consequently, our young must be provided with an inclusive and truthful narrative of our nation�s multicultural heritage. [Full Story]

Indian Origin Tamils and Muslims refused to ink Tamils' joint letter to Indian PM
[ News In Asia ] [ 06 Jan 2022 22:49 GMT ]

The IOT parties also have a tradition of becoming part of the government of the day and, therefore, they cannot take very antagonistic positions. [Full Story]

Decades-old amendment to Sri Lanka's Constitution still straining ties with India. Here's why
[ The Print ] [ 05 Jan 2022 17:30 GMT ]

The amendment has never been implemented because of the overriding powers given to the President. [Full Story]

China's Two-Ocean Strategy Puts India in a Pincer
[ Foreign Policy ] [ 04 Jan 2022 20:45 GMT ]

Beijing is now reaching out to the Tamil elites it long neglected. [Full Story]

The Beggar and the Royals
[ FT ] [ 03 Jan 2022 22:25 GMT ]

Just two years into Gotabaya-Mahinda-Basil rule, there appears a greater disconnect between the ruling family and ordinary Sri Lankans. [Full Story]

A look at the oldest languages in the world and their place of origin
[ Times of India ] [ 02 Jan 2022 07:07 GMT ]

Tamil is the Oldest Living Language of the World. It is a language spoken by nearly 78 million people! [Full Story]

UN Members Should Stand Strong on Human Rights Funding
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 01 Jan 2022 12:00 GMT ]

Governments should continue to counter the Russian and Chinese push to defund human rights work and ensure all rights activities are fully funded. [Full Story]

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Considering that during the history of the ethnic conflict Sri Lanka has failed to prosecute a single member of its armed forces, despite widespread and systematic abuses, suggests that ...

CFA 2002- 2007: 5 Years of Ceasefire - A Missed Opportunity

There are more internally displaced people now (887,475) than at the beginning of the CFA!

Military Solution? Learn From The Past...

The Plight of Eelam Tamils

Video: Genocide No More Prime Minister!

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