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The question remains as to whether Tamils will be brave and prepared to move on from the past violent years of suffering >> More

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Early Port Cities in the Malay Peninsula
The ethnic Tamil people of the southernmost region of India played the active part to transfer their religious and cultural traits from their homeland to Southeast Asia. >> More

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Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter
The creation of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam remains the only viable option to lead a life with security, dignity and equality, both individually and collectively.

"There are legitimate issues raised by the Tamil community and they have a legitimate desire to control their own lives, to rule their own destinies, and to govern themselves in their homeland.''

U.S. Assistant Secretary of
State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher

Have No Fear !

Those who would deny the Tamils their rights use the language of terrorism to demonise and discredit our legitimate grievances

Sri Lanka
"Indeed, it is an enduring scandal that there have been virtually no convictions of government officials for killing Tamils, and many Tamils doubt that the rule of law will protect their lives."

United Nations

Tamil Declaration for Self Determination
Vaddukoddai Resolution-1976

Tamil Eelam
Demand in International Law

The UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (G.A Resolution 2200 of 1966) in Article 1 states: "All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

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Late Patron/Former Chairman'

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R. Sampanthan, the face of Sri Lanka's Tamil minority and its struggle post-civil war, dies at 91
[ Independent UK ] [ 03 July 2024 19:52 GMT ]

Though his mission remains unfulfilled at his death, Sampanthan has played a key role in raising international awareness on the plight of the Tamil community post war and the need for a just solution to the long-drawn conflict. [Full Story]

Veteran Sri Lankan Tamil leader R.Sampanthan passes away at 91
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 02 July 2024 17:00 GMT ]

The civil war itself may have ended in 2009, but the conflict that led to it remains unresolved, he pointed out. 'The reason for the war to occur has not been resolved in all these years.' In fact, there are new reasons for concern. [Full Story]

Farewell message to Late Rajavarothiyam Sampanthan MP
[ TUNO ] [ 01 July 2024 16:15 GMT ]

His death will create a vacuum in Sri Lankan politics, especially in Tamil politics when the Tamil Question remains deliberately unaddressed by all stake holders. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Veteran opposition leader Sampanthan dies
[ BBC News ] [ 01 July 2024 14:02 GMT ]

In 2022, Sampanthan sent a letter to the UN's Human Rights Council alleging that the Sinhalese-led government was continuing to oppress Tamils, indefinitely detaining political prisoners, preventing displaced civilians from resettling on their land. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Shrinking Space for Religious Minorities
[ U.S.Commission on Intl Religious Freedom ] [ 30 June 2024 22:10 GMT ]

Fifteen years after its decades-long civil war, Sri Lanka continues to reconcile with its history of conflict and its multifaceted religious dynamics. [Full Story]

2024 Trafficking in Persons Report: Sri Lanka
[ U.S. Department of State ] [ 29 June 2024 14:02 GMT ]

Marginalized communities such as the Malayaha Tamils, whose ancestors migrated from India to work on plantations, continue to experience marginalization and discrimination. [Full Story]

Poorly thought out moves characterise Lankan Tamil politics
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 28 June 2024 19:50 GMT ]

Sri Lankan Tamils should no longer be a group of people who keep repeating a failed experiments and expect a different result every time. [Full Story]

Sex Ratio and Vulnerability in Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka
[ Academia ] [ 27 June 2024 10:30 GMT ]

A signifcant male defcit in the economically and politically active age groups was identifed not only as a demographic imbalance, but also a potential determinant to psychological vulnerabilities among the predominantly Tamil populations in the afected regions. [Full Story]

Indian fishermen continue to find themselves in deep water in Palk Bay
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 26 June 2024 23:42 GMT ]

The Indian fishing grounds are depleted of their resources and the fishermen move over to the Sri Lankan waters for their rich aquatic fauna. [Full Story]

Human Rights Watch Briefing Note on Human Rights in Sri Lanka
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 25 June 2024 07:15 GMT ]

Tamil activists and victims, including the mothers of the disappeared, are routinely subject to surveillance and harassment. [Full Story]

Merry-go-round in Sri Lanka
[ Asia News Network ] [ 24 June 2024 17:35 GMT ]

Between these two extremes—no devolution and 13A plus—it is merry-go-round on the crucial question of Tamil political aspiration in Sri Lanka [Full Story]

EDITORIAL - The International Criminal Court and beyond
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 04 June 2024 10:32 GMT ]

There must be a concerted effort to ensure Tamil people can exercise their right to self-determination and a long-lasting peaceful solution is finally found. Only then can the abuses and violence that continue to plague the island be halted. [Full Story]

Tamils commemorate destruction of Jaffna Public Library
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 03 June 2024 01:32 GMT ]

At midnight on May 31, 1981, the Jaffna Public Library, the crucible of Tamil literature and heritage, was set ablaze by Sri Lankan security forces and state-sponsored mobs. [Full Story]

15 years on, the Tamil survivors of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war live in fear and disempowerment
[ New Delhi Times ] [ 02 June 2024 17:09 GMT ]

'They only want them to eat, drink and enjoy and not have a political ideology,' Ireneus said. 'This has happened with all defeated communities in the world.' [Full Story]

US Congress resolution calls for Tamil Eelam independence referendum
[ US Congress ] [ 01 June 2024 20:08 GMT ]

A landmark resolution was introduced to the US Congress calling on the United States to work towards an independence referendum for Eelam Tamils and recognise the genocide committed against them by the Sri Lankan state. [Full Story]

'Ray of Hope' documentary screens at the Frontline Club in London
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 31 May 2024 02:11 GMT ]

It also outlined the failures of the Office of Missing Persons (OMP), which the UN High Commissioner, has detailed 'has not been able to trace a single disappeared person or clarify the fate of the disappeared in meaningful ways'. [Full Story]

'Where God Began': A deftly dramatised journey of a Sri Lankan refugee's long years in waiting
[ ] [ 30 May 2024 23:55 GMT ]

It explores a man’s unending quest to belong and to find a new home after losing one. [Full Story]

15 years on, the Tamil survivors of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war live in fear and disempowerment
[ Daily Times ] [ 29 May 2024 07:55 GMT ]

Defeat - bloody, protracted and decisive – has brought Sri Lanka’s minority Tamil community to a point of despair. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Elusive Accountability
[ Sri Lanka Guardian ] [ 28 May 2024 22:15 GMT ]

Ms Callamard addressing a press conference made a fervent plea to the Sri Lanka authorities to meet their national and international obligations to find answers as to what happened to thousands of missing and forcibly disappeared people. [Full Story]

[ BTF ] [ 27 May 2024 22:47 GMT ]

This calculated arsenic destruction was one of the major cultural genocides against Tamil people masterminded by Sri Lankan state to destroy historic evidence of Tamil peoples’ rare books and manuscripts that are not available elsewhere. [Full Story]

15 years on, the Tamil survivors of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war live in fear
[ ABC News ] [ 26 May 2024 23:46 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's Tamil people still live in the shadow of defeat in the civil war that tore the country apart until it ended 15 years ago. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Open Letter to the Government and Parliament on the Imminent Labour Law Reform
[ Amnesty International ] [ 25 May 2024 23:02 GMT ]

The concerns expressed in this letter reflect and follow repeatedly expressed protests and alarm by a broad coalition of unions and civil society organisations in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

The Organization Advancing the Rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka
[ Borgen Project ] [ 24 May 2024 15:07 GMT ]

The end of 2023 saw a rise in global awareness and recognition of the crimes committed against Tamils. This will likely lead to tangible changes that may address the plight of those most affected. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Crackdown Over Civil War Anniversary
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 23 May 2024 21:43 GMT ]

'It is vitally important for the UN Human Rights Council to renew the Sri Lanka Accountability Project’s mandate in September, and for prosecutors around the world to make use of the evidence gathered to bring those responsible to justice.' [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Amnesty International's Secretary General concludes five-day visit
[ Amnesty International ] [ 22 May 2024 17:00 GMT ]

'We urge the international community to work with the national authorities to secure truth and justice for all victims of the war and of on-going human rights violations and lay the foundations for a freer and fairer Sri Lanka.' [Full Story]

Appeal Letter to the International Community on behalf of the Beleaguered Tamil People in Sri Lanka
[ Thamizh Makkal Kootani ] [ 21 May 2024 07:55 GMT ]

This process of ethnic cleansing through structural genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka is being perpetrated despite the historical fact that the Tamils had their own Jaffna Kingdom in this Island until the arrival of the foreigners. [Full Story]

15 Years Since Sri Lanka’s Conflict Ended, No Justice for War Crimes
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 20 May 2024 07:55 GMT ]

Governments around the world should engage with the office to prosecute cases at home for war crimes committed in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Fifteen years after the end of war, victims still await justice at Mullivaikkal
[ Amnesty International ] [ 18 May 2024 07:55 GMT ]

'Today’s anniversary is a grim reminder of the collective failure of the Sri Lankan authorities and the international community to deliver justice to the many victims of Sri Lanka’s three-decade-long internal armed conflict. [Full Story]

View the Amnesty International/Sri Lanka Report 2023/24
[ Amnesty International ] [ 26 Apr 2024 07:55 GMT ]

Other domestic transitional justice mechanisms (the Office on Reparations and the Office on Missing Persons) made no notable progress over the year according to publicly available information. [Full Story]

Challenges to Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka
[ US Commission on Intl Religious Freedom ] [ 25 Apr 2024 07:53 GMT ]

Religious freedom conditions in Sri Lanka are on a worrying trajectory. Discrimination and periodic violence against religious minorities - particularly the Tamil Christians, Tamil Hindus, and Muslims - have exacerbated religious tensions. [Full Story]

'Proudly and fiercely Tamil' - An interview with Sunthar V
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 24 Apr 2024 20:15 GMT ]

The London date comes after hugely successful shows in Zurich and Amsterdam, is followed by his final performance in Dublin on the 28th April. [Full Story]

'My hell in Myanmar cyber slavery camp'
[ BBC ] [ 23 Apr 2024 02:03 GMT ]

The 24-year-old Sri Lankan found himself trapped in the Myanmar jungle, being tortured for refusing to help trick lonely, rich men out of thousands in so-called romance scams. [Full Story]

U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka - 2023 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Sri Lanka
[ U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka ] [ 22 Apr 2024 23:00 GMT ]

One of the first major decisions of the post-Independence government in Sri Lanka, in 1948, was to render the Malayaha Tamils 'stateless'. [Full Story]

UK Parliament considers landmark Genocide Determination Bill
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 21 Apr 2024 14:50 GMT ]

The Bill is currently in its second reading in the House of Lords. Once it has had a second reading, and if the Government agrees to give it parliamentary time, then it will move to committee stage. [Full Story]

Improving Equity and Access to Non-English Large Language Models
[ Stanford HAI - Stanford University ] [ 17 Apr 2024 22:18 GMT ]

Part of our goal was also collaboration with people in these countries to increase access and engagement. [Full Story]

A state of statelessness: The fate of Tamil peoples from Sri Lanka in India
[ Observer Research Foundation ] [ 16 Apr 2024 00:05 GMT ]

One of the first major decisions of the post-Independence government in Sri Lanka, in 1948, was to render the Malayaha Tamils 'stateless'. [Full Story]

Aadujeevitham: The migrant story shining a light on Gulf states' exploitation of workers
[ BBC ] [ 15 Apr 2024 00:10 GMT ]

A Malayalam language film that depicts the plight of impoverished Indians seeking jobs in the Middle East. [Full Story]

Puthandu 2024: Best wishes, images, messages and greetings to share with loved ones on Tamil New Year
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 14 Apr 2024 09:00 GMT ]

As you celebrate Puthandu, may the divine blessings of the occasion guide you towards a year filled with happiness, health, and prosperity. [Full Story]

Communalisation of Sri Lankan Tamil politics
[ NewsIn Asia ] [ 13 Apr 2024 23:25 GMT ]

Chelvanayakam led the Tamil political movement against the imposition of Sinhala. His presence as the great helmsman of the Tamil ship saw him charter a course of secular Tamil nationalism centered around language. [Full Story]

EXCLUSIVE | BJP still not able to understand the political climate of Tamil Nadu: MK Stalin
[ New Indian Express ] [ 12 Apr 2024 14:12 GMT ]

India is a country in which people of different races, languages, religions, traditions and cultures live. Unity in diversity is the foundation of India's success so far. [Full Story]

Human rights must be included in Sri Lankan school curricula
[ Asia News ] [ 11 Apr 2024 12:05 GMT ]

The country's Human Rights Commission called for changes to the school curricula to give a central place to human rights, highlighting the plight of marginalised groups, like Tamil plantation workers. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Unlawful use of weapons in policing of protests
[ Amnesty International ] [ 10 Apr 2024 20:35 GMT ]

'The brute force approach to policing of protests in Sri Lanka does not comply with international law and standards and restricts the right to freedom of peaceful assembly in the country. [Full Report PDF]

Sins of Omission: How CAA Plays a Cruel Joke on Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees
[ ETV Bharat ] [ 09 Apr 2024 19:44 GMT ]

Called the 'nowhere people', the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees fled to India in the 1980s seeking safety and asylum from the harrowing Sri Lankan Civil War. [Full Story]

One of these novelists will receive the $150K Carol Shields Prize
[ KCRW ] [ 08 Apr 2024 12:15 GMT ]

This book explores that question through the eyes of Sashi, a young Tamil woman growing up in a Sri Lanka on the edge of civil war. [Full Story]

Why a Sri Lankan island is sparking an Indian election controversy
[ Al Jazeera ] [ 07 Apr 2024 15:45 GMT ]

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that Sri Lanka had detained more than 6,000 Indian fishermen and 1,175 fishing vessels in the past 20 years. [Full Story]

Rameswaram's fisherfolk furious with Katchatheevu politics. 'Don't want island, just fishing rights'
[ The Print ] [ 06 Apr 2024 18:20 GMT ]

Each time the men ride into the sea, their families have prayers on their lips. Harrowing stories from those released by the Lankan Navy are not for the faint-hearted. [Full Story]

Modi reignites Katchatheevu Island dispute between India and Sri Lanka
[ Asia News ] [ 05 Apr 2024 11:30 GMT ]

After the outbreak of civil war in Sri Lanka in 1983, the island was the scene of fighting between ethnic Tamil Indian fishermen and the Sinhala-dominated Sri Lankan Navy. [Full Story]

Rights of Tamils for Self-Determination in Sri Lanka
[ Counter Currents ] [ 04 Apr 2024 23:45 GMT ]

'All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that they freely determine their political status and thereby pursue their economic, social and cultural development'. [Full Story]

Searching for security
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 03 Apr 2024 22:44 GMT ]

The ongoing intimidation, arrests and torture are to ensure that Tamils live in perpetual fear, never daring to resist Sinhala rule. [Full Story]

Katchatheevu: Tiny Sri Lankan island sparks political row in India
[ BBC ] [ 02 Apr 2024 21:50 GMT ]

A small, uninhabited island that is part of Sri Lanka has sparked a political row in India weeks before general elections kick off. [Full Story]

When In Sri Lanka, Try The Traditional Breakfast To Start Your Day The Local Way
[ Slurrp ] [ 01 Apr 2024 23:51 GMT ]

These Sri Lankan delights are similar to South Indian dishes, with a slight variation but nevertheless tasty and not the same. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan fishers not amused by Katchatheevu row
[ UCA News ] [ 31 Mar 2024 19:36 GMT ]

'Even after 15 years since the war came to an end in 2009, our community is still struggling. [Full Story]

New interactive digital space launched to highlight enforced disappearances in South Asia
[ Amnesty International ] [ 27 Mar 2024 09:38 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's dark legacy of enforced disappearances underscores the blatant disregard for human rights that characterized the civil war and youth uprisings, ranking the country as the second highest worldwide for the practice, with 60,000-100,000 reported cases. [Full Story]

Human rights in Sri Lanka - A Westminster Hall debate on human rights in Sri Lanka - Wednesday 20 March 2024, 2:30-4:00pm
[ Parliament UK ] [ 20 Mar 2024 00:02 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan Government in power in the final phase of the war denied many of the accusations of crimes made against the military and civilian Government at the time. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Authorities Detain Hindu Worshippers
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 19 Mar 2024 16:01 GMT ]

Eight Tamil Hindu worshippers arrested by Sri Lankan police while engaging in festival rituals last week were detained for more than 10 days and allegedly abused. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka and the Road Towards Genuine Transitional Justice
[ Jurist ] [ 18 Mar 2024 11:49 GMT ]

Rooted in longstanding grievances, including discriminatory policies against Sri Lanka's Tamil minority, the conflict saw the LTTE seeking an independent state in the North and East of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

The Sri Lankan Cardinal's change of heart?
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 17 Feb 2024 17:15 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's Archbishop of Colombo delivered a statement at the UN Human Rights Council where he called for an investigation into the Easter Sunday attacks and – for the 1st time – spoke of accountability 'for the atrocities in the North-East.' [Full Story]

EDITORIAL - Sinhala Buddhism unleashed
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 16 Mar 2024 01:08 GMT ]

Whilst it remains unabated, there will never be peace. The ethnocracy must be dismantled. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Repression of Civic Space Threatens Financial Reform
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 15 Mar 2024 14:15 GMT ]

'If their efforts are to be successful, they need to stand firm against the government's attempts to curtail fundamental civil and political rights.' [Full Story]

Chennai to Host Second World Classical Tamil Conference in June 2025
[ Times of India ] [ 14 Mar 2024 23:55 GMT ]

'Tamil experts and enthusiasts, let us assemble in Chennai. Let's celebrate Tamil to the astonishment of the whole world,' Stalin said on X. [Full Story]

Vavuniya families of the disappeared mark 2578 days of continuous protest
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 12 Mar 2024 14:32 GMT ]

Successive Sri Lankan governments have failed to address the fate of their disappeared loved ones. [Full Story]

Tamil Tiger fighters killed in Sri Lanka war buried 'chaotically' in secret mass grave
[ JDS ] [ 11 Mar 2024 23:17 GMT ]

The team of experts expect to submit a comprehensive report once the resumed exhumations are complete. [Full Story]

Swiss Support Vital for Tamil Sovereignty and Economic Empowerment
[ EIN News ] [ 10 Mar 2024 23:01 GMT ]

The Sinhalaization Project is a threat to Tamil Culture. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Laws Threaten Democracy, Warns UN Rights Chief
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 08 Mar 2024 07:10 GMT ]

Fifteen years since the end of Sri Lanka's civil war, the government has blocked accountability for grave rights violations, while families of those who 'disappeared' during the conflict face intimidation, arrests and violence. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Joint oral statement at the 55th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council Item 2 General Debate
[ Amnesty International ] [ 06 Mar 2024 20:20 GMT ]

The need for accountability for war time atrocities remains paramount. Pervasive impunity for wartime atrocities and continuing violations contribut ed to the governance failure. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: A journey into the wounds of civil war
[ Vatican News ] [ 01 Mar 2024 19:45 GMT ]

In the northern part of Sri Lanka, the damage of the long and bloody ethnic conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese is still evident. Young people have few prospects in a country where tourism only now seems to have recovered. [Full Story]

Slavery in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka
[ Vatican News ] [ 29 Feb 2024 00:05 GMT ]

When you sip tea, remember what goes into its production: stories of slavery affecting entire families. [Full Story]

After 3-year delay, Brampton finalizes design for Tamil monument to honour lives lost in Sri Lankan civil war
[ CBC ] [ 28 Feb 2024 21:56 GMT ]

Tamil people have faced violent persecution in the island country since its independence from the British Empire in 1948, including the eruption of violent riots that killed an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people according to the UN. [Full Story]

Annual Programme Report 2023 of the Northern Co-operative Development Bank
[ Northern Co-operative Development Bank ] [ 27 Feb 2024 12:15 GMT ]

The rural Northern Province is still dependent on agriculture for its prosperity, both in terms of economic contribution and wider food security. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe stresses reconciliation issues under 13th Amemdemt
[ The Print ] [ 26 Feb 2024 14:34 GMT ]

Wickremesinghe initiated a dialogue with Tamil parties on the full implementation of the 13A without the police powers to the provinces. However, the powerful Buddhist clergy opposition suggested putting it on hold. [Full Story]

India to launch rockets to space from southern Tamil Nadu. Here's why
[ Wion News ] [ 25 Feb 2024 23:58 GMT ]

In about two years, India will have an operational second spaceport, which is very close to the southern tip of India. [Full Story]

Countless commissions but still no answers on Sri Lanka's disappearances of Tamils
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 24 Feb 2024 23:45 GMT ]

'This raises serious concerns about the Sri Lankan President's latest accountability initiative,' said the statement. [Full Story]

Indian priest awarded for promoting Tamil language, literature
[ UCA News ] [ 23 Feb 2024 19:08 GMT ]

Recognizing Pope's contribution to the Tamil language, the state government has installed his statue on the popular Chennai beach in the capital of the state. [Full Story]

Pervasive corruption stands in the way of reform in Sri Lanka, says IMF
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 22 Feb 2024 23:42 GMT ]

Despite tentative signs of macroeconomic stabilization with inflation moderating, exchange rate stabilizing, and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) rebuilding reserves buffers, social tensions remain high due to falling real incomes. [Full Story]

India and Sri Lanka's incompatible interests
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 21 Feb 2024 22:55 GMT ]

Liberating the North-East, economically and politically, will only take place once the shackles of the Sri Lankan state are broken. [Full Story]

Factum Perspective: The Sri Lankan Presence in India's Foreign Policy
[ Newswire ] [ 20 Feb 2024 23:30 GMT ]

The Tamil Nadu factor will unavoidably have a bigger resonance in the international ties between Sri Lanka and India if it topples otherwise. [Full Story]

SRI LANKA Tamil: truth and justice for the 'desaparecidos'
[ Asia News ] [ 19 Feb 2024 11:25 GMT ]

'Rajapaksa will answer before an international court for these people who disappeared'. [Full Story]

12 Sri Lanka's Chronic Inability to Sustain Democratic Reform
[ Oxford Academic ] [ 16 Feb 2024 21:02 GMT ]

This chapter discusses the failures of Sri Lanka's 2015-2018 constitutional reform process. [Full Story]

Under Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka is going fast - in reverse
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 14 Feb 2024 22:25 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is still reeling from an economic crisis largely caused by misgovernance and lack of accountability. [Full Story]

Sarnia's growing Tamil community creates cultural organization
[ The Sarnia Observer ] [ 13 Feb 2024 19:50 GMT ]

Sangam in Tamil means gathering, and there are similar Tamil sangams in other communities, Thothadri said. [Full Story]

Arwi: The lost language of the Arab-Tamils
[ BBC ] [ 12 Feb 2024 20:11 GMT ]

Arwi extended to nearby Sri Lanka, which had its own Tamil-speaking population too. [Full Story]

'Independence Day for Tamils is only when our homeland is liberated'
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 11 Feb 2024 23:24 GMT ]

Any political solution which is capable of guaranteeing sustained peace in Sri Lanka for the Tamil nation canvassed based on its traditional homeland, nationhood and the right of self-determination must be reached only with a mandate of the Tamil nation,'. [Full Story]

EDITORIAL - Legalising repression
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 10 Feb 2024 23:54 GMT ]

Until Sri Lanka is forced into reform, everyone on the island has their freedom of expression endangered and liberty at risk. [Full Story]

A Tamil work that highlights issues and problems of hill country Tamils in Sri Lanka
[ The Hindu ] [ 09 Feb 2024 23:55 GMT ]

Recent months have seen numerous events in India and Sri Lanka to mark the completion of 200 years of the organised migration of Tamils from Tamil Nadu to the island nation for employment in estates. [Full Story]

First-ever anthology of Sri Lankan & diasporic poetry tells tales of love, loss, hope
[ The Statesman ] [ 08 Feb 2024 23:00 GMT ]

The hard-hitting collection of poems also talks about the 2004 tsunami and the separatist Tamil Tigers movement in Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: New Transitional Justice Process Lacks Credibility
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 06 Feb 2024 15:34 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government's proposed law to create another body to investigate wartime abuses replicates previous failed efforts, ignores the needs of victims, and falls far short of meeting Sri Lanka's international legal obligations, Human Rights Watch said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Needs Truth, but Not (Yet) a Truth Commission
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 05 Feb 2024 13:25 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government has long evaded the UN Human Rights Council's requests that it hold accountable perpetrators of atrocities committed during the country's 26-year civil war and since. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Proposed Internet Law Threatens Upcoming Elections
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 04 Feb 2024 11:30 GMT ]

The law would seriously threaten the right to freedom of expression as Sri Lanka prepares for parliamentary and presidential elections later this year. [Full Story]

Despite Tamil opposition, Sri Lanka’s parliament passes 'Unity and Reconciliation' Bill
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 03 Feb 2024 14:47 GMT ]

His idea of reconciliation is one of majoritarianism, is that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country, and that nobody else must assert their identity at any point. [Full Story]

Tamils in Sri Lanka do not enjoy equal rights, Sri Lankan MP
[ The Hindu ] [ 02 Feb 2024 02:03 GMT ]

The hill region and Eelam Tamils living in Sri Lanka are not given equal rights in the island nation despite being loyal, Sri Lankan MP Mano Ganesan said. [Full Story]

Trinco 5 commemorated 18 years on, at beach where they were massacred
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 01 Feb 2024 00:05 GMT ]

The case - known as the 'Trinco 5' - remains one of the highest-profile killings in Sri Lanka to receive international attention. [Full Story]

Diaspora Tamils Can Safely Invest Their Saving in TN
[ Deccan Chronicle ] [ 31 Jan 2024 07:45 GMT ]

Chief Minister M K Stalin said facilities had been made to enable non-resident Tamils invest their savings safely in Tamil Nadu, both in the government and in industry. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan refugees | The long wait for Indian citizenship
[ The Hindu ] [ 30 Jan 2024 00:01 GMT ]

Sri Lankan refugees have been living in and outside refugee camps in Tamil Nadu for years. [Full Story]

Out of Sri Lanka: Tamil, Sinhala and English Poetry from Sri Lanka and its Diasporas
[ Tribune India ] [ 29 Jan 2024 01:05 GMT ]

'Out of Sri Lanka' throws light upon a long-neglected national literature. [Full Story]

Post Conflict Development and Status of Implementat ion of Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka
[ Academia ] [ 28 Jan 2024 18:50 GMT ]

We have to go for above thirteen amendments to the Constitution for the post conflict development in Sri Lanka. [Full Story PDF]

What Sri Lankan Tamils need now is a new vision for the future
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 27 Jan 2024 21:15 GMT ]

Tamil politicians do not have the acumen to pave a viable path based on lessons that could be learned from past bitter experiences. They are spending their time in inter and intra party rivalries. [Full Story]

UK Prime Minister thanks British Tamils for 'amazing contribution' in Thai Pongal message
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 26 Jan 2024 19:22 GMT ]

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sent a 'huge thank you' to British Tamils. The Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer said it was 'also a time for us to remember the sacrifices made by the Tamil people for self determination, peace and justice in Sri Lanka'. [Full Story]

King outlines challenges facing the world in letter to Sri Lankan president
[ The Independent UK ] [ 25 Jan 2024 01:11 GMT ]

The world is facing the challenges of 'maintaining peace, prosperity and democracy', the King has said, in a letter delivered to Sri Lanka's president by the Princess Royal. [Full Story]

Call to Sri Lanka to revise anti-terrorism bill
[ United Nations Human Rights ] [ 24 Jan 2024 12:59 GMT ]

We are seriously concerned by the revised Anti-Terrorism Bill currently being considered in the Sri Lankan Parliament to replace the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act. [Full Story]

India seeks stronger ties with South Asian governments, snubbing ethnic minorities again
[ The Conversation ] [ 23 Jan 2024 12:06 GMT ]

In the absence of Indian backing, ethnic minorities lack substantive global allies, which their governments can capitalize upon to further ignore or oppress them. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Stop abusive anti-drug operation and release those arbitrarily detained
[ Amnesty International ] [ 22 Jan 2024 10:09 GMT ]

Ensure that any law enforcement operation to address the supply side is conducted respecting due process standards and constitutionally protected fundamental rights. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Response to Economic Crisis Undermined Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 21 Jan 2024 00:25 GMT ]

Government agencies pursued a policy of 'land grabbing' that targeted the property of Tamil and Muslim communities, including religious sites. [Full Story]

Diego Garcia: UN says UK military island not suitable for stranded migrants
[ BBC ] [ 20 Jan 2024 19:52 GMT ]

Dozens of Sri Lankan Tamils have been stranded for more than two years in a makeshift camp on Diego Garcia. [Full Story]

[ BTF ] [ 19 Jan 2024 14:00 GMT ]

The BTF received unparalleled support from cross-party Parliamentarians from Conservative, Labour, LibDem, SNP and DUP in the function. The BTF conveys its sincere gratitude to all the Parliamentarians for facilitating and participating in the hugely successful event. [Full Story]

Tamil Brahmi Inscription Belonging to 2200 years ago, Discovered by German Archaeological Team in Southern Sri Lanka.
[ Faculty of Arts - University of Jaffna ] [ 18 Jan 2024 17:05 GMT ]

Further, it shows that Tamil speaking community lived in Southern Sri Lanka about 2200 years ago. [Full Story]

Sex Ratio and Vulnerability in Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka
[ Academia ] [ 17 Jan 2024 17:18 GMT ]

This background paper was prepared as an input on the qualitative component of the 'Socio-Economic Assessment of the Conflict Affected Northern and Eastern Provinces' conducted by the World Bank in 2017. [Full Story PDF ]

In Tamil-dominated Jaffna, President Wickremesinghe pushes for land connectivity between Sri Lanka and India
[ Indian Express ] [ 16 Jan 2024 09:39 GMT ]

India has been pressing Sri Lanka to implement the 13A which was brought in after the Indo-Sri Lankan agreement of 1987. The 13A provides for the devolution of power to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Number 10 Downing Street celebrates Pongal with British Tamils
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 15 Jan 2024 22:50 GMT ]

British Tamils gathered at the Prime Minister’s residence at Downing Street today to celebrate Thai Pongal, a festival marked to give thanks to the sun for the harvest. [Full Story ]

Captain Miller: FDFS, Plot, Censor, Runtime, Cast & Crew, All You Need To Know
[ Movie Crow ] [ 14 Jan 2024 01:45 GMT ]

Captain Miller hits theater screens worldwide this Pongal 2024, and is written and directed by filmmaker Arun Matheswaran, in his first collaboration with Dhanush. [Full Story]

The Ancient Greeks of India's Tamil Nadu Region
[ Greek Reporter ] [ 13 Jan 2024 11:51 GMT ]

Poompuhar, a port city with an important harbour for the Cholas - which actually had a prosperous Greek population - during a time of trade between the seafaring nations and Tamil Nadu. [Full Story]

Selva builds peaceful relationships between refugees and host community in Tamil Nadu
[ ReliefWeb ] [ 12 Jan 2024 14:35 GMT ]

When she was five, the civil war forced her and her family to leave their home and find refuge in Tamil Nadu, India. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu: Tamil folk song on Bhagwan Sri Ram; Elderly couple mesmerise all with devotional rendition
[ Organiser ] [ 11 Jan 2024 09:07 GMT ]

The Tamil folk song, rooted in the oral tradition and not recorded in print, holds significant cultural value. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka in 2023: Short-Term Solutions to Long-term Problems
[ South Asian Voices ] [ 10 Jan 2024 00:52 GMT ]

If 2023 was the year that Sri Lanka scraped by with short-term responses from an interim government looking to solidify support, 2024 will be a year where Sri Lanka makes decisions that impact its long-term trajectory. [Full Story]

French court jails former Rwanda doctor for 24 years for role in 1994 genocide
[ BBC ] [ 09 Jan 2024 01:45 GMT ]

He was accused of organising torture and killings in the genocide, in which 800,000 people were killed between April and June 1994. [Full Story]

The Indian siblings taking the chess world by storm
[ BBC ] [ 08 Jan 2024 12:15 GMT ]

It also makes the Chennai siblings the first Grandmaster brother-sister pair in history. [Full Story]

How to evade justice: Reconciliation without accountability
[ FT Lanka ] [ 07 Jan 2024 12:25 GMT ]

The term reconciliation has been employed by different governments to dilute or deflect the political demands of the Tamils. [Full Story]

New Year Honours 2024: Tracking tech pioneer is appointed OBE
[ BBC ] [ 06 Jan 2024 20:45 GMT ]

Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan, who founded Cambridge company PervasID, devised a real-time location tracking system used by NHS trusts, hospitals, aircraft manufacturers and retailers. [Full Story]

EU foreign policy chief fears right wing surge in June elections
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 05 Jan 2024 11:44 GMT ]

He said Europe still offered an attractive model for people from around the world. [Full Story]

Kandy-Born MGR Was The Uncrowned King Of Both Tamil Cinema And Tamil Nadu
[ Menafn ] [ 04 Jan 2024 01:15 GMT ]

The MGR phenomenon was no doubt unique, and his mystique continues its hold over Tamil psyche even today. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka war crimes project faces critical year for accountability
[ Nikkei Asia ] [ 03 Jan 2024 12:25 GMT ]

Human rights campaigners say the failure of successive Sri Lankan governments to deliver postwar justice has necessitated international alternatives. [Full Story]

PM Modi Tamil Nadu visit LIVE: India proud of vibrant culture of state, says PM Modi
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 02 Jan 2024 00:05 GMT ]

The sacred Sengol was installed in the new Parliament building, an attempt to draw inspiration from the model of good governance that the Tamil heritage has given to the country,' PM Modi said. [Full Story]

Stamp on Indian-origin Tamils in Lanka released
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 01 Jan 2024 19:01 GMT ]

The stamp was released with the aim of recognizing the contributions of Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka in promoting the plantation industry. [Full Story]

Fiery films & fearless politics: How Captain Vijayakant championed Sri Lankan Tamils
[ The News Minute ] [ 31 Dec 2023 09:40 GMT ]

As an actor and a politician, Vijayakant was one of the few figures in the public eye who was vocal about his support for the Sri Lankan Tamil cause during the civil war in the island nation. [Full Story]

Assassinated Tamil MP remembered in Batticaloa
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 27 Dec 2023 14:50 GMT ]

Pararajasingham, who was a senior Tamil National Alliance figure, and the MP for Batticaloa district, was shot and killed by two armed paramilitary men, whilst he was attending Christmas Eve midnight mass in 2005. [Full Story]

Biden Should Appoint Clinton as a Special Envoy to Help Tamils in Sri Lanka
[ EIN News ] [ 13 Dec 2023 00:05 GMT ]

On December 10, 2023, which marks Human Rights Day, the Mothers of Missing Tamils in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka, are reaching out to President Biden with a heartfelt plea. [Full Story]

Never Ending Promises of Sri Lanka's Rulers And The Continuing Woes of The Tamils
[ Counter Currents ] [ 12 Dec 2023 17:25 GMT ]

It is nothing but only a naïve and wishful thinking to hope and rely on Sri Lanka’s oral promises, undertakings and commitments made to all parties including Tamil political parties and leaders. [Full Story]

Is another commission necessary in a country without human rights?
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 11 Dec 2023 08:53 GMT ]

Tamils in Batticaloa held a protest today on Human Rights Day to highlight the ongoing human rights abuses perpetrated against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan state. [Full Story]

A statue of Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar unveiled in French town of Cergy
[ The South First ] [ 10 Dec 2023 11:03 GMT ]

Thiruvalluvar stands tall as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. His writings motivate millions across the world.' [Full Story]

Emerald Plight
[ India Legal ] [ 09 Dec 2023 09:52 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has always supported China over India. China is the preferred partner. [Full Story]

Are Pro-LTTE Elements Trying to Revive the Eelam Movement?
[ The Diplomat ] [ 08 Dec 2023 01:02 GMT ]

The video could be used by certain political parties to gain political mileage in the upcoming parliamentary elections, they claim. [Full Story]

Past wounds from Sri Lanka's civil war refuse to heal
[ UCA News ] [ 07 Dec 2023 18:08 GMT ]

The observation of Maveerar Naal illustrates the enduring intimacy between the armed struggle and the political aspirations of the minority Tamil people in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Tamils Detained for Commemorating War Dead
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 06 Dec 2023 21:30 GMT ]

Sri Lankan authorities have detained nine ethnic Tamils under the country's abusive counterterrorism law for commemorating those who died in the 1983-2009 civil war, Human Rights Watch said today. [Full Story]

VCK leader Thirumavalavan asks Centre to intervene and stop demolition of temples in Sri Lanka
[ The Hindu ] [ 05 Dec 2023 02:10 GMT ]

BJP-led Union government should intervene to stop the 'demolition of ancient Hindu temples' in northern and north-eastern parts of Sri Lanka and attempts to replace them with Buddhist monasteries. [Full Story]

Jaffna civil society’s laudable attempt to unite Tamil political parties
[ Newsin.Asia ] [ 04 Dec 2023 15:33 GMT ]

What the Tamil people need today is a new vision for the future, not just approaches or activities that keep them emotionally tied to the past. [Full Story]

Young Reporter: Maaveerar Naal, A Tamil remembrance
[ Local London ] [ 03 Dec 2023 11:15 GMT ]

The military still have much control over the country and Tamils are still oppressed, trying to get justice for all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom and for all the innocent lives lost. [Full Story]

International condemnation of Sri Lanka's PTA arrests of Tamils
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 02 Dec 2023 17:00 GMT ]

For years, successive Sri Lankan governments have pledged to repeal the PTA, which has been used for decades against Tamils to arbitrarily arrest and detain people, violate fair trial rights, and put detainees at risk of torture. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka’s Rights Abuses Flout EU Trade Benefits Requirements
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 01 Dec 2023 08:45 GMT ]

As the report states, 'The process of reform will be more sustainable and robust if Sri Lankan civil society is part of it and if the approach is truly inclusive.' [Full Story]

Inaugural Chair in Tamil Studies looks to establish U of T Scarborough as a global hub for Tamil scholarship
[ University of Toronto Scarborough ] [ 30 Nov 2023 20:50 GMT ]

Tamil is among the world's seven classical languages, with a linguistic and literary history stretching back more than 2,000 years. With 80 million plus speakers, it's one of the most frequently spoken languages in the world. [Full Story]

'Most Tamils accept my offer' claims Sri Lanka's president
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 29 Nov 2023 14:55 GMT ]

These claims comes as there is increasing protests over the aggressive encroachment of Sinhala settlers on Tamil farmers land in Batticalo and protests over the imposition of Buddhist viharas across the North-East. [Full Story]

Lankan Tamils being ‘displaced’ by Sinhala migration
[ The Hindu ] [ 28 Nov 2023 23:53 GMT ]

Over the years, the Sinhala population has been encouraged to move into the north and east that belong to the Tamil population'. [Full Story]

Tamils defy Sri Lankan crackdown to remember heroes in every district - Maaveerar Naal 2023
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 27 Nov 2023 20:20 GMT ]

Thousands of Tamils gathered across the Tamil homeland, and around the world today, to mark Maaveerar Naal - Great Heroes Day - and remember those who sacrificed their lives in the Tamil struggle for liberation. [Full Story]

International Dimensions of the Sri Lankan Conflict
[ Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies ] [ 26 Nov 2023 09:00 GMT ]

The Tamil population has not been offered a viable compromise which can lead to sustained peace. [Full Story PDF]

IMF / World Bank: Systemic Reforms Needed
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 01 Nov 2023 00:02 GMT ]

'The IMF and World Bank need to revise their policies to support universal social security.' [Full Story]

Remembering the Jaffna exodus - 500,000 displaced
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 31 Oct 2023 18:00 GMT ]

Many civilians have been killed by government shelling and bombing, which has hit residential areas of the town. There is panic among the 600,000 Tamils on the Jaffna peninsula. [Full Story]

Several dialects of Tamil and 10 mother tongues of the ‘Dravidian family’
[ The Hindu ] [ 30 Oct 2023 07:15 GMT ]

Tamil is a diglossic language: it has a formal, literary form of the language and a colloquial spoken language, the report says, pointing out that there was a wide gap between spoken and written Tamil. [Full Story]

Refugees in Their Own Land: The Shared Plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims
[ Groundviews ] [ 29 Oct 2023 11:52 GMT ]

The Jaffna exodus was like Moses leading Israelites into the promised land. Tamils became internally displaced people in our Tamil homeland. [Full Story]

Young Reporter - Tamil Schools in London Ooviya M Bancroft's School.
[ This Is Local London ] [ 28 Oct 2023 15:15 GMT ]

In Tamil schools, most students aim to do their GCSE and A level Tamil as it gives them more credit on their university applications. [Full Story]

Continuing impunity will only lead to more doom and gloom in Sri Lanka
[ GTF ] [ 29 Sep 2023 15:22 GMT ]

Failing to address Media External Document the crimes alleged in the second Channel 4 video will create fertile conditions for more crimes in the future. That is the destructive power of impunity. [Full Story]

The Disintegration of Cultural and Family Values in the North East of Sri Lanka
[ TWG Editorial ] [ 28 Sep 2023 00:45 GMT ]

In this current dire situation, the diaspora has a very important part to play to ensure the continuity of the Tamil nation. If they are not careful and take quick action, there is a danger. [Full Story]

UNHRC Chief Suggests Targeted Sanctions On Sri Lanka
[ The Citizen ] [ 27 Sep 2023 01:15 GMT ]

The lack of accountability at all levels remains the fundamental human rights problem in Sri Lanka, according to the latest report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker T�rk on the island nation. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Abuses Undercut Proposed 'Truth Commission'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 26 Sep 2023 00:02 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government�s ongoing abuses are undermining the purported goals of its newly proposed truth and reconciliation commission, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. [Full Story]

Tamil refugees on Diego Garcia win fight against forcible return to Sri Lanka
[ The Guardian UK ] [ 25 Sep 2023 07:02 GMT ]

'Claims for international protection deserve the most careful scrutiny and the BIOT commissioner�s decision-making process fell far short of that standard. [Full Story]

Freshers' week: Tips for surviving uni first year
[ BBC ] [ 24 Sep 2023 09:15 GMT ]

For many students, university can be a difficult time, especially for those living away from friends and family. [Full Story]

How Tamil Nadu can fly high on wind power
[ The Times of India ] [ 23 Sep 2023 23:20 GMT ]

Tamil Nadu is not only a major wind energy producer, but also tops the country in wind turbine manufacturing. [Full Story]

Manipur's Tamil connection, via Myanmar: How ethnic polarisation has marooned the community again
[ ] [ 22 Sep 2023 23:53 GMT ]

The Tamils fleeing Burma built their lives in Manipur, but the Meitei-Kuki conflict has forced them to pick a side or find a new home again. [Full Story]

'Reconciliation isn�t just about ending conflict' - US Ambassador Julie Chung
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 21 Sep 2023 22:46 GMT ]

Across the Tamil homeland mass graves have been uncovered linked to the atrocities committed by the state during the armed conflict. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Abuses Undercut Proposed 'Truth Commission'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 20 Sep 2023 00:02 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government�s ongoing abuses are undermining the purported goals of its newly proposed truth and reconciliation commission, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu: State Government in dock; LTTE Chief V Prabhakaran's daughter and husband left for Sri Lanka
[ Organiser ] [ 19 Sep 2023 00:04 GMT ]

In Tamil Nadu, there have been voices for separate State demand. [Full Story]

'If We Raise Our Voice They Arrest Us'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 Sep 2023 12:40 GMT ]

Countless thousands of Sri Lankans await justice and accountability for serious human rights violations and war crimes committed during decades of civil unrest and armed conflict. [Full Story]

Remembrance of a Leader Who Died of Hunger Strike for Tamil Rights Attacked
[ Lanka News ] [ 17 Sep 2023 22:52 GMT ]

The Tamil leader who died after hunger strike is one Thileepan, who was a Medical Student at the Jaffna University, when he took the hunger strike for Tamil rights.' [Full Story]

UN Human Rights Chief puts out scathing report on Sri Lanka
[ BTF ] [ 16 Sep 2023 00:02 GMT ]

We urge that these calls strengthen the resolve of Member States that that domestic accountability in Sri Lanka is not possible and a strong international process is essential. [Full Story]

UN body says Lanka fails to address political & democratic reforms
[ Kashmir Images Newspaper ] [ 15 Sep 2023 15:51 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has failed to address the long-standing challenges of political and democratic reforms, the UN human rights body has said. [Full Story]

India at HRC reiterates calls for implementation of 13A
[ Daily FT ] [ 14 Sep 2023 10:30 GMT ]

Progress on the commitments is inadequate and we urge the Government to work meaningfully towards early implementation of its commitments to ensure fundamental and human rights of citizens are fully protected,' he said. [Full Story]

The Role of International Actors in Mitigating Mass Killings: The Case of Sri Lanka, 1980-2009
[ Academia ] [ 13 Sep 2023 19:15 GMT ]

The country�s historically discriminatory institutions created opportunities for extremist, identity-based politics, driven to violent fever pitch at several moments during the war. [Full Story]

Tamil Union, the cradle of Sri Lankan cricket, now a shadow of a glorious past
[ The Indian Express ] [ 12 Sep 2023 11:55 GMT ]

A venue once graced by Bradman which witnessed SL's first Test win, it now resembles an old man reminiscing the past. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka - Release International Report
[ Release International ] [ 11 Sep 2023 10:40 GMT ]

One on-going project provides scholarship support for children from persecuted and marginalised families, providing spiritual support as well as helping the children with their education. [Full Story]

LTTE chief's 'daughter', hubby hoodwink TN cops, flee to Lanka
[ DT Next ] [ 10 Sep 2023 19:05 GMT ]

TN officials have now learnt that a couple has escaped from Mandapam camp to Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Inside the territory of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers | From the archives |
[ SBS Dateline ] [ 09 Sep 2023 23:00 GMT ]

For this 2002 documentary, Dateline's Ginny Stein was granted a rare access to the Tiger-controlled territory at the time when the Sri Lankan government and the Tigers signed a ceasefire agreement, and the hopes for peace were high. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Flawed Plans for a 'Truth Commission'
[ Amnesty International ] [ 08 Sep 2023 18:00 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has a long history of convening similar bodies, none of which has provided justice, truth or reparation to the many people who have engaged with them. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Needs Truth, but Not (Yet) a Truth Commission
[ International Crisis Group ] [ 07 Sep 2023 21:55 GMT ]

Impunity has a long history in Sri Lanka. The country is haunted by the ghosts of injustices occurring in both the distant and recent past. [Full Story]

Joint Statement: Sri Lanka's Flawed Plans for a 'Truth Commission'
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 04 Sep 2023 19:35 GMT ]

We urge other states, particularly members of the UN Human Rights Council, and those in a position to influence the Sri Lankan government, to call for an end to ongoing violations and for substantive confidence-building measures. [Full Story]

Sophia Duleep Singh: Indian princess who fought for women to vote in UK
[ BBC ] [ 01 Sep 2023 12:45 GMT ]

In 1910, she was part of a delegation of 300 suffragettes who marched towards the parliament in London, seeking an audience with then Prime Minister HH Asquith. [Full Story]

'Donald Trump's clown show of US politics has left the world in utter disbelief'
[ Mirror UK ] [ 25 Aug 2023 18:00 GMT ]

Democracy should take solace in that, at long last, the man who considered himself above the law is being held to account. [Full Story]

India makes historic landing near Moon's south pole
[ BBC ] [ 24 Aug 2023 00:05 GMT ]

India has made history as its Moon mission becomes the first to land in the lunar south pole region. [Full Story]

A symbolic march to retrace history and assert rights
[ The Hindu ] [ 23 Aug 2023 23:11 GMT ]

Members of Sri Lanka�s Malaiyaha Tamil community travelled over 250 km by foot over a fortnight to mark 200 years since their south Indian ancestors� arrival in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

India pushes, Sri Lanka resists
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 22 Aug 2023 23:05 GMT ]

The Tamil diaspora and the refugees living in the refugee camps of India are looking forward to a comprehensive package that accepts their demand for an international inquiry, the setting up of a Peace and Reconciliation Commission on the lines of of South Africa. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka can't move on from civil war history. Sinhala elite insecure about sharing power
[ The Print ] [ 21 Aug 2023 01:45 GMT ]

A complete lack of trust between the Sinhala elite and Tamil minority is apparent across Sri Lanka, which seems unable to even begin laying some of its ghosts to rest. [Full Story]

Stalin calls for retrieving Katchatheevu
[ The Hindu ] [ 20 Aug 2023 00:40 GMT ]

Retrieving the Katchatheevu islet from Sri Lanka alone, would put a permanent end to the problems of fishermen in Tamil Nadu, said Chief Minister M. K. Stalin. [Full Story]

'Brotherless Night': A powerful novel about waiting and resisting during Sri Lanka's civil war
[ ] [ 19 Aug 2023 16:16 GMT ]

The suppression of minority rights and the consequent rise of separatism has been an unfortunate part of the history of South Asia, as has the often-disastrous nature of international intervention. [Full Story]

Calls for Tamil Genocide Resolution in the Indian Parliament Based on Hon. Amit Shah's Recent Statement
[ PressWire ] [ 18 Aug 2023 09:59 GMT ]

Despite these repeated and multinational acknowledgements that Sri Lanka perpetrated genocide against the Tamil People, Sri Lanka has not been brought to justice. [Full Story]

Washington manoeuvring to install federalism in Sri Lanka
[ LW ] [ 17 Aug 2023 11:35 GMT ]

Tamil demands probably would be satisfied by a federal structure that would guarantee Tamils control over security and economic development where they comprise the majority of the population. [Full Story]

The Sinhalese and the Legacy of Sri Lanka's Black July Pogroms
[ ] [ 16 Aug 2023 23:55 GMT ]

It is in the interest of the Sinhala state to solve this problem, which is the root cause of the economic maladies that affect the island. [Full Story]

India's First Drone Common Testing Centre To Be Established In Tamil Nadu
[ Current Affairs ] [ 15 Aug 2023 22:57 GMT ]

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Common Testing Centre is poised to elevate Tamil Nadu into a coveted destination for Aerospace and Defence companies seeking to establish their Indian operations. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan president bids to woo Tamil community
[ UCA News ] [ 14 Aug 2023 23:00 GMT ]

Due to the civil war, all development work in Tamil areas came to a standstill. [Full Story]

Tamil temptations
[ Midland Express ] [ 13 Aug 2023 22:02 GMT ]

Niro, a Sri Lankan Tamil who had himself sought asylum in Australia to escape violence and persecution in his home country, now runs a successful catering business. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Statement in solidarity with human rights defenders and community leaders from the Malaiyaha community
[ Amnesty International ] [ 12 Aug 2023 07:15 GMT ]

On day 7 of the walk, we express our support and solidarity with community leaders and human rights defenders who continue to demand dignity and rights and redress despite inade quate response from State authorities. [Full Story]

Nation cast out of paradise reemerges
[ New Age ] [ 11 Aug 2023 22:30 GMT ]

The broader truth commission needs to include the trail of death from Talaimannar to Matale, and the need for accountability, reparations and institutional reforms to rectify the wrongs of the past, including the colonial period. [Full Story]

Difficult Empathies
[ Public Books ] [ 10 Aug 2023 20:48 GMT ]

A Passage North testifies to Arudpragasam's unfailing empathy. But reading Madhuri Vijay's The Far Field instead reveals this author�s jarring lapses in empathy. [Full Story]

In Sri Lanka, Chaotic Social Security Reform Denies People's Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 09 Aug 2023 01:03 GMT ]

Governments should establish universal systems not tied to economic status that provide income support to everyone at critical moments throughout their lives. [Full Story]

Justifying The Right of Tamils to Self-Rule
[ Counter Current ] [ 08 Aug 2023 19:01 GMT ]

The Kingdom of Jaffna had included a vast region. [Full Story]

'Power sharing must be in a federal structure, consistent with aspirations of the Tamil people'
[ Daily FT ] [ 07 Aug 2023 00:15 GMT ]

The Tamil People have, since 1956, consistently given the Tamil political parties a mandate to work towards a political solution to the Tamil National Question by means of a federal arrangement in the North-East. [Full Story]

Diplomats meet with Families of the Disappeared
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 06 Aug 2023 08:30 GMT ]

Tamil Families of the Disappeared have protested for over 2,300 days demanding an account for their missing loved ones and for the international community to pursue an international mechanism. [Full Story]

Why are Tamil expatriates from Sri Lanka struggling for survival deep in the Gavi forest of Kerala?
[ South First ] [ 05 Aug 2023 23:08 GMT ]

The Tamil repatriates said they could not purchases land with the meagre amount even in the remote corners of Kerala. [Full Story]

New India-Sri Lankan economic partnership can help address sensitivities
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 04 Aug 2023 19:22 GMT ]

The implementation of the new 'India-Sri Lanka economic partnership for maritime, energy and financial connectivity' can be a key step towards addressing the sensitivities of both countries and forging stronger relations. [Full Story]

Tamils Urge the Prime Minister of Canada to Initiate Referendum Talks with the US and EU
[ Tamil Diaspor News ] [ 03 Aug 2023 13:45 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has been under intense scrutiny for the past several years from the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the subject of numerous official resolutions calling for justice and accountability. [Full Story]

Ranil to press ahead with 13A; Expected to address Parliament next week
[ News First ] [ 02 Aug 2023 09:10 GMT ]

The 13th Amendment (13A) was brought in after the India-Sri Lanka agreement of 1987. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President plans to implement 13th Amendment: How is it significant for India?
[ India TV News ] [ 01 Aug 2023 07:00 GMT ]

PM Modi had reiterated India's wish to see the full implementation of the 13A. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Black July After Four Decades
[ SL Guardian ] [ 31 July 2023 00:05 GMT ]

History will judge, if it has not already done so, President J.R. Jayewardene, elected six years earlier with an unprecedented mandate, for this colossal failure. [Full Story]

Sudha Murty: Why her comment over spoons divided Indians
[ BBC ] [ 30 July 2023 20:15 GMT ]

'Just as I made my husband a businessman', her daughter Akshata Murty had 'made her husband [Mr Sunak] a prime minister'. [Full Story]

Little known facets of Sri Lankan history: A Chola princess, and the old name for Jaffna
[ The Island ] [ 29 July 2023 23:58 GMT ]

In the text of their papers they have both noted the old name for Jaffna Peninsula and the city of Jaffna as being Kalingadesa or Kalingarata, and Singainagar or Simhapura, respectively. [Full Story]

French President Macron Visits His Counterpart in Sri Lanka
[ Voice of America ] [ 28 July 2023 23:50 GMT ]

French President Emmanuel Macron held discussions with his Sri Lankan counterpart Saturday on an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region in the first-ever visit by a French leader to the Indian Ocean island nation. [Full Story]

40 Years Later: Recounting 'Black July' Through My Family's Eyes
[ SL Guardian ] [ 27 July 2023 22:39 GMT ]

As a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist, Black July did have an effect on me in both personal and professional capacities. [Full Story]

For Sri Lankan Tamils, the Black July pogroms live on, 40 years later
[ Al Jazeera ] [ 26 July 2023 23:30 GMT ]

The ethno-nationalist political underpinnings of Black July still characterise the Sri Lankan state today. [Full Story]

Forty years since Black July: Seven novels about the traumatic legacy of the Sri Lankan civil war
[ ] [ 25 July 2023 21:44 GMT ]

Black July marked the beginning of a 25 year-long civil war that would result in a devastating death toll and displace 800,000 Sri Lankans. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Civil War trigger: 'Black July' That Escalated Tamil Rebellion To Civil War 40 Yrs Ago
[ India Today ] [ 24 July 2023 22:47 GMT ]

Known in Sri Lanka as 'Black July', the brutal violence triggered a 26-year conflict that killed about 1 lakh people and set development back by decades. [Full Story]

Sri Lankans mark 40th anniversary of 'Black July' massacre
[ UCANews ] [ 23 July 2023 18:32 GMT ]

A Catholic priest from the Colombo archdiocese said no politicians, rulers, gangs, or civilians have been held accountable for the violence against Tamils and the heinous crimes. [Full Story]

Truth & reconciliation commission could help Sri Lanka stave off foreign intervention:
[ Economy Next ] [ 22 July 2023 21:28 GMT ]

The United Nations' Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has for years been passing resolutions against Sri Lanka on its human rights record, with various Western governments and other actors putting pressure on the island nation to investigate the allegations. [Full Story]

Promoting Connectivity, Catalysing Prosperity: India-Sri Lanka Economic Partnership Vision
[ Ministry of External Affairs - Govt of India ] [ 21 July 2023 17:05 GMT ]

The leaders underlined the cardinal importance of promoting and strengthening connectivity in all its dimensions as the key enabler. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Impunity Continues in the Country Amidst Multiple Crises
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 15 July 2023 09:25 GMT ]

We urge the Sri Lankan government to recognize that rights-respecting laws and their implementation is essential to address Sri Lanka�s multiple crises. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Foregoing meals to make-do: The Impact of Sri Lanka�s economic crisis on maternal nutrition
[ Amnesty International ] [ 14 July 2023 13:50 GMT ]

Ensure that Sri Lanka's human rights obligations and the fiscal space necessary for human rights-related spending are key factors in future negotiations on Sri Lanka�s debt, including while evaluating possible debt relief and changes to the terms of repayment. [Full Report PDF]

A Year After Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Remains in Crisis
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 13 July 2023 12:11 GMT ]

President Wickremesinghe should recognize that upholding rights and pursuing accountability for grave crimes is essential to addressing the country�s problems. [Full Story]

Sea Cucumber Crime Is a Thing, and This Is Where It�s Happening
[ Atlas Obscura ] [ 12 July 2023 22:01 GMT ]

A 'seafood mafia' is plying the waters between India and Sri Lanka to satisfy China's appetite for an increasingly rare delicacy. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: HRC53 Oral Statement: Item 6: Consideration of UPR reports
[ Amnesty International ] [ 11 July 2023 18:08 GMT ]

It's widely accepted that Sri Lanka's economic model needs a fundamental overhaul. [Full Story PDF]

Can Sri Lanka trade its way back to prosperity?
[ BBC ] [ 15 June 2023 12:28 GMT ]

It's widely accepted that Sri Lanka's economic model needs a fundamental overhaul. [Full Story]

Ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Another missed opportunity
[ ORF ] [ 11 June 2023 09:55 GMT ]

Since many promises have once again not been fulfilled, the Tamil community is convinced that the establishment lacks the political will to resolve this issue or that the President�s efforts are motivated by political and economic reasons. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan Tamil Victims Call for Resignation of the Head of the International Monetary Fund
[ TDN ] [ 10 June 2023 10:01 GMT ]

The harsh reality is that the IMF is helping Sri Lanka to destroy the independence of the Tamils and to erase the presence of the Tamils from their own land. [Full Story]

Instead of deepening past divisions, strengthen present bonds, says Lanka-born Canadian writer
[ NewsIn.Asia ] [ 09 June 2023 01:30 GMT ]

How I survived the war and found peace - released recently about his journey of fleeing war-torn Sri Lanka in 1988 at the age of 18 years after being released from the Boosa Prison. [Full Story]

For priz-winning poet and novelist Michael Ondaatje, every book is an act of discovery
[ CBC ] [ 08 June 12:42 GMT ]

Ondaatje recently received the Grand Prix, for lifetime achievement, from Montreal's Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka police arrest Tamil legislator Ponnambalam
[ The Hindu ] [ 07 June 2023 00:05 GMT ]

'If this is how a member of Parliament is treated, then everyone can imagine how the general Tamil population in the north-east are treated� [Full Story]

Sri Lanka Barometer Survey Reveals What People Think About Freedom of Expression and Religion
[ GV ] [ 06 June 20:50 GMT ]

Violations of the right to freedom of expression have primarily stemmed from the enforcement of two laws, the ICCPR Act and the Prevention of Terrorism Act, which have been used together to victimise individuals, especially those belonging to minority communities. [Full Story]

Amnesty International writes to the Minister of Justice with concerns around the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act
[ Amnesty International ] [ 05 June 2023 19:49 GMT ]

'Amnesty International finds the latest Anti-Terrorism bill very worrying. The draft law infringes on many human rights, including the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, association, liberty and security. [Full Story]

Still No Justice on Sri Lanka War Anniversary
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 18 May 2023 00:01 GMT ]

The government�s unwillingness to prosecute civil war-era crimes has forced victims and their families to seek justice elsewhere. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe To Make Fresh Clarion Call For All-Party National Government
[ Outlook India ] [ 18 April 2023 00:33 GMT ]

'He will make an open invitation to all political parties to join the national government when the Parliament meets on April 25 to debate on the IMF bailout programme,' Mano Ganesan, the leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance, told the media. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's proposed anti-terrorism law aims to curb civil protests
[ Global Voices ] [ 17 April 2023 19:33 GMT ]

The law grants law enforcement agencies the unchecked power to detain individuals without warrants and provides sweeping powers to the President, police, and military. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's Cultural Genocide Against Tamils Escalated After The IMF Bailout
[ Federation of Global Tamil Organizations ] [ 16 April 2023 23:55 GMT ]

Through its genocide against Tamils, Sri Lanka shows that it will continue the political instability that created its financial difficulties. [Full Story]

Happy Puthandu 2023: Best Tamil New Year Quotes with Images, Wishes and Messages to Share on Puthuvarudam
[ Times Now News ] [ 15 April 2023 00:05 GMT ]

Puthandu is the Tamil New Year celebration and it is majorly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai. [Full Story]

'A time to enjoy': Cambodian, Thailand, Lao and Tamil New Year celebrations begin in United States
[ Khmer Times ] [ 14 April 2023 23:10 GMT ]

'We celebrate the new year with a rich cultural heritage and tradition of Tamil people and it serves as a reminder of the importance of unity, harmony and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our life,' [Full Story]

Soppana Sundari - Engine trouble
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 13 April 2023 23:58 GMT ]

Film 'Soppana Sundari' hails from the 1989 film 'Karakattakkaran,' a film with a densely packed and iconic comedy track. [Full Story]

Tamil-language service launches Facebook account
[ DW ] [ 12 April 2023 22:05 GMT ]

'There are more than 10 million active Facebook users in Tamil Nadu, where the entire META universe is growing. [Full Story]

Tamil culture and people are eternal, global in nature: PM Modi
[ The Print ] [ 11 April 2023 23:57 GMT ]

PM Modi said, 'Tamil culture and people are eternal as well as global. From Chennai to California, from Madurai to Melbourne�.you will find Tamil people who have carried with them their culture and traditions. [Full Story]

Over 1 100-yr-old Tamil inscription talks of democratic processes in India including for polls disqualification PM
[ The Week ] [ 10 April 2023 08:10 GMT ]

'India is the world's oldest democracy. It is the mother of democracy. There are numerous historical references to this. An important reference is Tamil Nadu,' Modi said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Reject New Counterterrorism Bill
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 09 April 2023 11:20 GMT ]

'The Anti-Terrorism Bill needs to be seen both in light of Sri Lanka's abusive history of counterterrorism powers and the current government's repression of peaceful dissent,' Ganguly said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: IMF Loan Risks Eroding Rights
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 06 April 2023 12:30 GMT ]

'The government should recognize that the public deserves real accountability, whether it's for past war crimes or ongoing misgovernance and repression of critics.' [Full Story]

UN Paints Bleak Picture of Rights in Sri Lanka
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 02 April 2023 17:12 GMT ]

The report describes the targeting of minorities, notably Tamils and Muslims, by 'land grabs,' 'hate speech and misinformation,' and 'attacks against places of worship.' [Full Story]

The Role of International Actors in Mitigating Mass Killings: The Case of Sri Lanka, 1980-2009
[ The Academia ] [ 01 April 2023 10:15 GMT ]

The continued commitment of Sri Lankans, the UN, the Human Rights Council, and the USG to investigate and account for the war's large -scale violence may help create a political and social environment in which recurrence is unthinkable. [Full Story]

Canada sanctions ex-Sri Lanka presidents Mahinda, Gotabaya
[ Aljazeera ] [ 24 March 2023 15:00 GMT ]

Canada has imposed sanctions on four top Sri Lankan officials, including former presidents Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa, over 'gross and systematic violations of human rights' during armed conflict in the island nation from 1983 to 2009, the Canadian foreign ministry has said. [Full Story]

Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world's human rights - Sri Lanka
[ Amnesty International ] [ 23 March 2023 10:17 GMT ]

The authorities made no progress in bringing to justice in fair trials before ordinary civilian courts all those suspected of criminal responsibility concerning allegations of violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the three decades-long conflict. [Full Story]

Sampling Sambol in Sri Lanka
[ The New Indian Express ] [ 22 March 2023 19:50 GMT ]

In the 'up country', as Sri Lankans refer to hill stations such as Hatton, one can find a few Tamil cuisine-influenced sambols like ash plantain. [Full Story]

Should India abolish its state governors?
[ BBC ] [ 21 March 2023 19:25 GMT ]

Last week India's Supreme Court fretted that the country's governors could end up undermining democracy if their actions triggered the fall of a functioning state government. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: $3bn IMF bailout for struggling economy
[ BBC ] [ 20 March 2023 20:15 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has secured a $3bn (�2.4bn) bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as it faces its worst economic crisis since independence. [Full Story]

Retrieval of Katchatheevu only solution: Fishers
[ Dtnext ] [ 19 March 2023 23:51 GMT ]

Fisherfolk appeal for quick diplomatic decision to create a peaceful atmosphere. [Full Story]

ST Sangamam celebrates an ancient bond between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
[ Orissa Diary ] [ 18 March 2023 23:58 GMT ]

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has highlighted the bond between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu being celebrated under Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam. [Full Story]

The Elephant Whisperers: The documentary that won at Oscars 2023
[ BBC ] [ 17 March 2023 19:25 GMT ]

The Elephant Whisperers made history at the Oscars by becoming the first Indian production to win the Best Documentary Short film award. [Full Story]

Pope Francis: 10 moments from 10 years as Pope
[ Cafod ] [ 13 March 2023 19:45 GMT ]

Whether it's the witness he's shown to the Gospel in his encounters with the most marginalised members of our global family, or his words of wisdom for young people and world leaders alike, Pope Francis has inspired countless people to work for a better world. [Full Story]

Women's Day, Strength and Knowledge through Togetherness
[ LBO ] [ 08 March 2023 21:59 GMT ]

These women entrepreneurs need continuous support and mentoring by those who understand their situations. Something organisations like Suvadi aim to provide. [Full Story]

Amnesty International�s statement to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the occasion of the review of Sri Lanka, 6 March 2023
[ Amnesty International ] [ 06 March 2023 21:05 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government should accede to the Rome Statute and implement it fully into national law and ensure that if the government is considering a new truth mechanism, that it must be set up in line with country-wide consultations on transitional justice mechanisms. [Full Story]

[ EU�s Special Representative for Human Rights ] [ 27 Feb 2023 23:02 GMT ]

Defending human rights and democratic principles is a collective exercise, not a unilateral endeavour. No country, no matter how powerful and influential, can match the credibility of the international community acting through its institutions. [Full Story]

China Should Rethink Its Position on Debt
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 25 Feb 2023 18:52 GMT ]

Should the Chinese government genuinely value the rights it claims to promote at the United Nations, it needs to urgently reassess how it manages the unsustainable debt it holds. [Full Story]

Nedumaran's revelation and the return of Tamil Eelam politics
[ IANS ] [ 19 Feb 2023 18:10 GMT ]

While political parties or Tamil nationalist movements have not supported the claims of Nedumaran, political observers are of the opinion that there is an undercurrent in Dravidian politics of Tamil Nadu over Nedumaran's statement. [Full Story]

How Ranil Wikramasinghe is reaching out to Tamils
[ The Week ] [ 18 Feb 2023 22:47 GMT ]

Ever since rioters invaded the presidential palace and booted out Gotabaya, India has been calibrating its aid to the country that has been bankrupted by Chinese loans and organic farming. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: The looming question of police powers under 13A
[ Observer Research Foundation ] [ 17 Feb 2023 20:15 GMT ]

Any discourse on power devolution for the Tamil community in Sri Lanka ends up in a deadlock, invariably on the question of 'Police powers' for the provinces. [Full Story]

UNHCR's gratuitous advice on Sri Lankan refugees
[ The Leaflet ] [ 16 Feb 2023 18:50 GMT ]

The UNHCR has been aiding and abetting the Indian and Sri Lankan governments' efforts to send Sri Lankan Tamil refugees back to Sri Lanka, with a campaign of disinformation, enticement and skulduggery. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President's bid to devolve powers to Tamils runs into trouble
[ The Federal ] [ 15 Feb 2023 21:00 GMT ]

The President stated that he and Sampanthan shared a common dream, which was to provide a sustainable solution to the ethnic problem. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President says Jaffna Cultural Centre a gift by PM Modi
[ Daily Excelsior ] [ 14 Feb 2023 01:20 GMT ]

The centre is envisaged as a public space to 'promote, preserve and foster the cultural heritage of Jaffna', and serve as 'a hub of cultural activities' in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Tamil nationalist leader claims LTTE Chief Prabhakaran still alive
[ Deccan Herald ] [ 13 Feb 2023 09:50 GMT ]

Prabhakaran was killed in 2009 in the war between Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE. 'Eelam' in Tamil denotes the homeland of the Tamil people. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan President lauds Indian govt's efforts during country's financial crisis
[ The Print ] [ 12 Feb 2023 16:25 GMT ]

The Jaffna Cultural Centre includes a state-of-the-art facility that consists of multiple facilities such as a museum of two floors; an advanced theatre-style auditorium for more than 600 people, an 11-storeyed learning tower, a public square which could also act as an amphitheatre etc. [Full Story]

Sethusamudram project: Why is Sri Lanka silent about its legal response?
[ Sunday Times ] [ 11 Feb 2023 07:10 GMT ]

The Tamil Nadu State Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution on January 12, urging the central government to implement the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) immediately. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka thankful to Indian govt for Jaffna Cultural Centre
[ The Print ] [ 10 Feb 2023 00:10 GMT ]

Located next to the iconic Jaffna Public Library, the Jaffna Cultural Centre will be the tallest building in Jaffna town. [Full Story]

British MPs celebrate Thai Pongal and renew calls for accountability
[ Tamil Guardian ] [ 16 Jan 2023 00:10 GMT ]

Marking the harvest festival Thai Pongal, British MPs have issued statements expressing gratitude for the contribution of British Tamils to the UK and renewing their commitment to justice and accountability in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Jagath Weerasinghe: Sri Lanka's bloody past
[ BBC ] [ 15 Jan 2023 00:05 GMT ]

Zeinab Badawi is in Sri Lanka to talk to one of the country�s most influential artists and archaeologists Jagath Weerasinghe. What does his art tell us about Sri Lanka�s bloody and difficult past and its prospects for a more peaceful future? [Full Story]

Tamil Nadu: The miraculous return of Indian fishermen lost at sea
[ BBC ] [ 14 Jan 2023 16:55 GMT ]

Their boat's engine had suffered a snag and the fishermen ended up marooned on a remote island in British Indian Ocean territory for days, until they were finally rescued by a passing British vessel. . [Full Story]

Newsnight Global: Sri Lanka
[ BBC ] [ 13 Jan 2023 14:30 GMT ]

What might the future bring for Sri Lanka, and what lessons can be learned for other nations facing potential financial disaster? [Full Story]

Sri Lanka: Crisis of Rights, Accountability
[ Human Rights Watch ] [ 12 Jan 2023 23:00 GMT ]

New Administration Fails to Reverse Damaging Policies of its Predecessor. [Full Story]

Canada sanctions Sri Lanka�s Rajapaksa brothers over rights abuses
[ Hindustan Times ] [ 11 Jan 2023 19:45 GMT ]

Canada on Tuesday sanctioned four Sri Lankan state officials, including Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who are former presidents and also brothers, for human rights abuses committed during the island nation�s civil war. [Full Story] [Canadian Govt Notice]

Sri Lanka's central bank urges China and India to reduce its debts
[ BBC ] [ 11 Jan 2023 19:02 GMT ]

The International Monetary Fund will not release the cash until China and India first agree to reduce Sri Lanka's billions of dollars of debt. [Full Story]

Sethusamudram project cost: All you need to know about Tamil Nadu key sea link
[ Times of India ] [ 10 Jan 2023 23:30 GMT ]

The ambitious maritime project was originally conceived by the British in the year 1860 at a cost of Rs 50 lakh, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister told the Assembly. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka's anti-government protests have gone silent - for now
[ BBC ] [ 09 Jan 2023 23:01 GMT ]

In the days after the president's home and office were stormed, as Mr Rajapaksa fled to the Maldives and finally resigned. [Full Story]

Cash-strapped Sri Lanka plans to reduce its military by half by 2030
[ Mint ] [ 08 Jan 2023 22:59 GMT ]

The cash-strapped nation is planning to reduce the military strength to 100,000 by 2030-end from its current strength of 200,783. [Full Story]

After Sri Lanka's chaotic summer
[ Geographical ] [ 07 Jan 2023 13:15 GMT ]

'This is my home. I'm feeling positive. Somewhere down the line something will change.' [Full Story]

India befriends Sri Lanka as China�s shadow looms
[ Japan News ] [ 06 Jan 2023 23:05 GMT ]

India provided about $4 billion in rapid assistance between January and July, including credit lines, a currency swap arrangement and deferred import payments, and sent a warship carrying essential drugs for the island�s 22 million people. [Full Story]

President and Tamil National Alliance to discuss full implementation of 13A
[ News In Asia ] [ 05 Jan 2023 23:58 GMT ]

Positive moves are being made by both President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to resolve the seven decades-long ethnic issue. [Full Story]

No action from Sri Lankangovt on most pressing concerns of Tamils, says TNA
[ The Hindu Business Line ] [ 04 Jan 2023 22:23 GMT ]

The Solidarity Movement for North East People�s Struggle in a statement asked the government to release 33 long-term PTA detainees as a �first step� towards reconciliation. [Full Story]

Trincomalee Massacre 2006
[ Counter Currents ] [ 03 Jan 2023 16:06 GMT ]

The killings came a month after then Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed office and the island began to slide towards all-out war. [Full Story]

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